Sunday, December 6, 2009


Whew, how did so many days pass so quickly!!!!
We've been VERY busy around here.........boy child is now wearing glasses (he LOVES them I might add), Christmas trees have been decorated, Christmas cards have been made.....
So what have those little bits of mischief been up to (that's the elves I'm talking about......not the kids:-)?

On the 3rd they strung a drying line of laundry and hopped in the socks.
Ok, I get the message...... It's time to get some laundry done around here!!!

On the 4th, they made a hammock with moms scarf and hung it from the ceiling fan!!! Safety guys!!!!

On the 5th they got into the baking cupboard, messed it up, and had a sprinkles party.

On the 6th they had sleigh races down the cushions - they invited their edible polar bear friends too...........Look at all of that snow:-)
Grandad's Christmas gift is done.......hopefully it'll keep his head warm as he enjoys his 1st winter back in England, in a VERY long time.
Grandmas is on the needles as we speak...I'm aiming to get that finished by tomorrow.
We can't keep Santa and the reindeers waiting, and the parcel has to make it onto the sleigh!!!
Here is the finished beautifully modelled by Fred The Head!!!!
I had great fun knitting this pattern with it's cable panels - I made a camo one for boy child a couple of weeks ago.
I also have a few pairs of jammie pants (think flannel from Joanns Black Friday sale) cut out and ready to go............that shall be tomorrows time filler...
Our new family Advent tradition is still recieving rave reviews in this house.........who would have ever guessed. So, what have we done....
Girl child sang at the Tree Lighting Ceremony for our City on Tuesday, so Tuesday's "thing" was we'd enjoy Starbucks together afterwards.................Oh did we need it, it was bitterly cold. There was an extra bonus to that evening..........we got to take a carriage ride:-) Yay, I got my Christmas card picture!!!
We've enjoyed a family game night in front of a roaring fire.............who could have known that 9 and 11 year olds could be so competitive!!!

Tonight we went and bought our new Christmas Tree (the old one was pitiful!!!) and we decorated Christmas is REALLY here now!!!
So how's your Christmas crafting going.............only 19 days left (oh, my heart has just skipped a beat!!!)
Back to work for this little elf now:-0

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