Saturday, December 19, 2009


Who is stealing the hours in the day??? They seem to be dissapearing rather fast!!
School is out, and I'm one VERY happy mama. There's something very homely about having our children around us, without the distractions of homework and hectic schedules.
Last night's Advent activity was Family Campout around the Christmas Tree. OK, so maybe the floor was a little hard, but it was fun none the less. I made us all new jammie pants. Hubby and boy child had the same fabric and myself and girl child had the same fabric.

Today was a special friend of mines daughters birthday party. I got to make her birthday cake....that's become a bit of a tradition:-) Her party theme this year was a treasure hunt. I had a lot of fun making the cake, and she liked it, which was really all that mattered.

Well, we only have a few more days left with our elf friends - their stay here always seem so short!!! The other morning we found them in the fridge............I really do think they're beginning to miss the North Pole cold. Let's face it, this is Texas after all!!! They had made vanilla pudding and had got themselves set in about a mess!!!!

Then last night, they put their sewing skills to the test yet again............they're definately improving!!! They made themselves matching sleeping bags out of the jammie scraps. Clearly they didn't want to feel left out:-0
Wishing you lots of crafty fun............ only 5 more days tu go!!!

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