Friday, July 15, 2011


I signed up to take part in Shawnee's Alhoa Apron Swap. We had to make an apron with an island theme. I had the blue and green floral fabric in my stash, but I only had a yard of it, so I needed to choose a pattern that would allow me to use it as an accent fabric .... I found just the right pattern in my pattern collection. It is McCalls 5997.
I did change the way the ties were made. Instead of sewing them in as part of the bib, I added rings - I just thought it added a nice detail. I'm very happy with the way it turned out, I hope my partner likes it as much as I do:-D
Did you noticed Molly ..... she's my model:-D She was a late birthday present from my sweet hubby. I have wanted one forever, but they've always been way out of our price range. We saw 2 of these at Hobby Lobby on sale, but by the time he and Girl Child went back to buy it, they were all gone:-( Then a week ago, I popped in there for a spool of thread, and there was another one tucked in a corner .... I called hubby, he said get it, so she came home with me!!! They'd found her tucked in at the back of the storage room ....... some things are just meant to be!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


It's a special friend of mines birthday today, so our 2 families celebrated last night, by going out for dinner together - yummy Italian food was what we had.
Birthdays also mean birthday gifts - she has a real love of all things Russian, especially Matroyshka dolls, so whenever I can , I try and include something Matroyshka for her. This is what I came up with for her this year ...

When I saw these cookie cutters and edible transfers on the Flour Fancies website, I knew that I had to get them. I made sugar cookies and iced them with royal icing. The icing has to be completely dry before you add the transfer, so I left them to dry overnight. Applying the transfers was easier than I though it would be. You cut them out with craft scissors, brush a thin layer of light corn syrup onto the back of the transfer, and then you stick it onto the cookie, making sure that you have no air bubbles trapped underneath it - very easy.

Next was 2 pincushions - 1 to keep next to her sewing machine, and the other (more a needle keeper, I guess), to take with her for those on the go projects, that she takes to soccer practices and places like that. The little matroyshka doll, was a key chain that I found at World Market, and the bigger one was sold as a Christmas decoration last year - I snatched her up at the post Christmas sales. I can't find the website where I originally found this idea, but all I did was cover a styrofoam egg with a piece of velour, and squished it tightly into the base of the doll - quick and easy, but oh so cute:-)
Girl Childs room is almost complete - all that's left to do now is hang some curtains and tidy up the last few things lying around, and we'll be ready to reveal her new, teenage pad!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011


This one I made a little bigger than the last one (Ok, I'll be honest - that was because I lost the paper I wrote the last ones dimensions on!!!). I like the way it turned out - more room to carry stuff, you know what us women are like:-D

Again, the one side has a zippered pocket ..... I do prefer the bigger size of this pocket. I think it'll be easier to get stuff in and out of. The reverse side has the 3 pockets. As with everything I make, I like to try an add something different/personal to it, depending on who it is being given to. On this bag I added 2 photo charms - I think the recipient of this bag, may just be tickled pink by them:-D I attached the charms using lobster claws, so they can be easily removed when the bag needs washing.

Once again I used duck cloth for the exterior. It is available in so many gorgeous prints now, that you really are spoilt for choice. The lining (which I forgot to take a picture of ... silly me), is a quilting weight cotton. It is cream with dots on - the dots are all the colors that are in the exterior print fabric. As always I added pockets to the inside as well as a key clip.
I have a big reveal comming soon - we are in the process of redoing Girl Childs bedroom. It is her birthday present .... It's almost complete, and is taking shape beautifully!!!
Until next time - keep crafting ...

Monday, July 4, 2011


... and you know how the rest of the nursery rhyme goes:-D
Our YOE2 theme for June was ladybirds (or ladybugs as they're known here in the USA). It seemed a pretty easy theme at first, but once I started browsing for ideas, it became apparent that it would be harder than I originally thought. I wanted my ladybird to look like more than a round, red blob with black dots. I eventually settled on this arumugumi pattern, and I love the way she turned out. I like her antennae, they add some dimension.

And on a kitchen note .... the jam making continues:-D I made some blueberry jam a couple of days ago .... simply delicious. The color of those jars though, is just gorgeous .... a deep, deep, purpley blue:-D

Happy 4th July, from our family to yours.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I have seen these treat cans on a few blogs recently, and I think they're really cute. Such a fun and easy treat to put together. However, once I actually got down to it and made one myself, I didn't realize just how cute!!!
These, I will find many a use for. I think they'll take the place of our Christmas crackers this year (those things are horrendously expensive - I'm sure it's because they're imported), they'd also make great party favors :-D
You have a choice of sizes, I've made them using the big cans that pineapple rings come in, and I've made this smaller size, using the 100 calorie cans of fruit. You can fill them with anything you like, and can decorate the outside in so many different ways, to suit your occasion.

Girl Child and I taught a 2nd grade class at our church VBS this week - it was a ton of fun. Girl Child did a fantastic job (it was her 1st year as staff and not attendee), I was as proud of her as any mom could be. We made the cans above as little treats for our class, which we handed out to them on the last day. Inside, we put a small craft and some candy. You'd be suprised at just how much fits into them.
I used the tutorial on to get the basic idea of how to put them together. The only investment I had to make was a new can opener (one that removes the bottom without any sharp edges), but I needed a new one anyway, so that took care of that. The one I got is made by Oxo, and it works brilliantly !!!
These are really worth giving a try .... it's a great craft that the kids can help with too.