Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last night my update just wasn't going to happen......I needed to get to bed before midnight:-)
So here I am bright and early this morning!!!

Debate rages on in our house.....
Were the BIG elves sent to help or hinder? Take a look at the evidence and you decide!!!

Is he sitting up there trying to get the little ones to come down OR did he help them up there and onto that swing?...............What do you think?

Last nights Advent activity was simple,. but the kids loved it.
Thank goodness it was, as we ended up making 2 trips to the car dealership last night.... one to collect my car after it was repaired and a second to retrieve the garage door remote control I had left in the loan car!!!! Yes I know......silly me:)
We all got to enjoy a special Christmas dessert that I had made....Now don't go expecting anything elaborate, my family have very simple taste when it comes to food.

I made layered jello - in Christmas colors of course, and set Christmas picks into it......I LOVE that wobbly, jiggly, jelly stuff!!!
We had that with cream....yum:-)
Just look at those excited faces!!!
Well today should be bliss for me today.........and productive. I have a rare day when I have nothing scheduled on my calendar. So, once boy child and girl child are safely delivered to school, and hubby is safely delivered to work, I plan on hiding out in my craft room and being VERY productive.......lets see how many Christmas pressies I'll be able to mark off my list as done by the end of the day.
Have a super duper December day!!!

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