Thursday, December 17, 2009


One more day and then school is out for 2 whole weeks..............I am more excited about this than the kids are I think. We can sleep in, wear our jammies all day if the mood takes us - you get the picture!!!
So I had to give teachers gifts some thought -I was very late getting onto it this Christmas........shame on me:-) Between both the children, our teacher numbers have swelled from 2 to 6!!! So, what do you give that many teachers you ask????
I saw these long bottles that you use for salad dressing and oils at Walmart and wondered how I could make them more gifty and not so blah. Take a look and see what I did. I filled them with each teachers favorite candy, replaced the spout with a cork and added a label, some ribbon and a small Christmas decoration - I love the way they turned out, they look cheerful I thought.

Then of course you have the teachers whose favorite candy doesn't fit down the neck of the bottle......not to worry, I found some acrylic boxes at Hobby Lobby ($1-15 each on sale). I filled them up and added a label and a nice big candy striped bow:-)

In other craft news, another parcel is on it's way to the North Pole.............Santa please wait for it, I know I'm leaving it to the last minute, but you understand..............don't you???
This parcel had a few more goodies I'd made as gifts - jammie pants (I didn't take a picture) and this wallet (I cant remember off hand which blog I got it off, when I do I'll let you know). I had to fiddle around a bit with the wallet to get it right, but I did eventually. I was happy with the way it turned out.

The Elf News reports that the elves are still having a blast!!! They've been hiding in a bowl of Hershey Kisses (yum, you can't fault them for doing that) and making snow angels...........even Mr Leaky Leg and his friend joind in on this one.

Our Advent activities have been overshadowed by schedule madness over the past 2 days but I'm very excited as tomorrows activity is going to be so fantastic............I have no doubt that the kids are going to be'll have to watch this space!!!
Happy crafting:-)

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  1. I love your teacher ideas! This year I made 'now and later' gifts. For now,(as in breakfast) I folded a dollar into a frog origami style and put it in a coffee cup with a loaf of pumpkin bread. I wrote on the label to "hop into the lounge and have a cup on me" (meaning coffee...from our new Flavia coffee/cocoa maker thingie!)
    For later, I gave them some bath salts....everyone was happy!
    If you have more ideas, pleas share with me....never enough ideas to go around for teachers!!!