Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello crafty friends.....
Well the mailman has been busy around our street over the past few days............parcels from home have been arriving (oh how I LOVE those) and guess what swap parcel from The White Christmas Flirty Apron Swap. Oh boy, did my partner Edy spoil me:-)
My apron was made from the cutest reindeer fabric ever, and I got all sorts of other fantastic treasures........Edy thank you sooo much!!!
In other crafty news, we had such a fun Advent activity tonight. Paint, glitter, fabric and I bet you're wondering!!!
This is how these...

became these...
Are they not so cute!!!
We painted them with 2 coats of glossy, white acrylic paint. Once that was dry we glued on our googly eyes and paper hats with the glue gun. We finished them off by poking in their noses, tying on their scarves and drawing on their mouths:-)
They were so easy to do and are if Texas could just have a dusting of snow, it would complete the picture for them..............OK, so we can still hope can't we!!!
The elfy mischief continues...
They've emailed the Chief Elf, although they never did get to finish their email. Boy child kindly pushed the send button for them:-)

Then this morning, it appears they went for a spin around the my car!!! They also stuck stickers (the easily removed type) all over my windshield. I don't think there is any end to the mischief these two can get into.

Hope you're almost done with you To Do Lists............I think I'll be burning the midnight oil for the next few nights!!!!

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