Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Time is flying by....at warp speed I think!!!
Today was spent decorating 100 Christmas sugar cookies and making a few cute soaps for stocking fillers.
Grandmas hat had a few more rows added to it..........I know, you're probably wondering if it'll ever get done - it has to get finished, we can't have Grandma with a cold head during winter, not when Grandads will be toasty and warm in his new knitted hat - it just wouldn't be fair:-)
Well the 2 new recruits have certainly brought some order to their little charges lives...................for now that is:-)
Last night they made a tent over the arm of the sofa, took some tealights in there with them and quiety cuddled up to read "Tales From The Manger".............New recruits you've earned your place in this house.
Oh, don't miss the candy canes they took in there to ward off the midnight munchies!!!
Tonight's Advent activity was another creative one - LOVE those!!! We made Advent frames.
I bought those cheap, unfinished wood frames from Hobby Lobby, some metallic acrylic paints in Christmas colors, some glitter, and some mini flat backed tree ornaments - the ones that come with 6 or 12 in a pack for about $3 (and then you use your 40% off coupon:-0)
Everyone then got to decorate their frame however they wanted. Once Christmas is over everyone will get to choose their favorite photo from this Christmas season and we'll frame them, with a little explanation written on the back of the frames as to why that is their favorite picture. These will then hang in a place of honor in our home (yet to be decided!!!) for all to enjoy.

I think they all did a fantastic job. I can't wait to see which pictures they choose and why.
Well I don't want to make your heart beat faster, or cause you to break out into a cold sweat.......but there's only 16 days left........................oh dear, was that a little flutter I just felt?
Happy crafting!!!

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