Monday, February 8, 2016


Owls, Owls, Owls ....... I have a HUGE love for these birds !!!!

My (not so) little niece turned 7 in January - it doesn't seem possible, but hey, the calendar doesn't lie. She's the sweetest little girl. To be honest, her nature is SO much like my daughter's was at the same age ..... sweet and gentle, with a little bit of Drama Queen thrown in for good measure :-)
I LOVE being an Aunty ....... and I'm lucky to have the best three nephews and niece in the world !!!!

Yes, her present is late ..... but just think of the surprise it'll be for her !!!
She lives where it gets really rather cold, particularly at his time of the year, so what better gift to make for her than a cute, chunky scarf, that will keep her little neck snuggly warm.
The pattern I chose was THE OWL WAYS SCARF . It's a well written, fun pattern that knits up really fast. It uses Chunky yarn ( I used LionBrand Wool Ease yarn). The scarf itself used only a single ball of yarn, with a little bit used from a second ball, so it's very economical too. The pattern is written for a child's size, but it would work just as well for an adult, if you just knitted an extra few inches in the middle piece.
It has a cute matching owl hat pattern too, that you could try if you wished to.

It needed a good blocking once I had finished it, but that's easy enough to do !!! Let's be honest, everything looks better once it's been blocked :-)

Finished with some stylish tassels .... the scarf and the owl himself :-)

His eyes are some rather perfect little black buttons that I found at Joann's. Look at the perfect little ring in them that looks just like a little pupil. He has a little heart shaped button for his nose, also from Joann's.

I hadn't knitted anything in a while ..... it was fun to pick up those long. pointy sticks again.
Happy Birthday Jess ..... we love you to the moon and back !!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


We all have that one friend, who just gets our idiosyncrasies  !!!! I am fortunate because I have two of those friends. We met a number of years back through our blogs and some swaps we took part in - they are my crafty "go to" girls :-) Years later, we text each other regularly, it's just a really special friendship that has grown between the three of us, and I love it !!!!

So what do you do, when you have the urge to play? Play with fabric, felt, beads and anything that you think might go together ..... Well you play of course !!!
One of these sweet friends decided to host a Zombie Cup Cozy Swap ...... she ended up having to cancel it, as it seemed everyone was just too busy with beginning of the year stuff. I decided to go ahead and make some cup cozies anyway .... who doesn't like receiving Happy Mail ?

 Zombie Mummy, complete with his wiggly loose eye and bandaged body !!!

 Arrgghh ..... The life of a pirate, especially a Zombie Pirate, with his little peg leg and his hook arm.

I used 100% wool felt for the cozy itself. I used it double thickness to make it a little more sturdy. For the zombies, I used a mixture of whatever I had - acrylic and wool felt.
The patterns for the zombies came from a little book called Zombie Felties. I bought that book a couple of years back, and I have used it over and over again. I t was worth every penny I spent on it.

So cute, and so fun ...... should make for an interesting Starbucks run :-)

Monday, February 1, 2016


Well Happy New Year everyone .......
We'll just pretend that a whole month has not passed since my last post !!!! I hope that 2016 has gotten off to a marvelous start, and by the feel of things, we better all buckle up and hang on tight, because it's going to be another fast paced ride !!!!

Cookies and cookie baking have taken on a life of their own for me over the past couple of months - and I'm loving it !!! My Christmas Cookie orders way surpassed what I could ever have dreamed of, and I'm SO excited to see where my 2016 cookie journey takes me. That being said, I needed to get better organized. I needed to have my cookie cutters more visible, so that I know what I have and what I don't have, without having to scratch through numerous plastic containers. Pinterest had any number of choices and ideas available ...... one in particular, I loved, so I challenged Hubby to the task of making it for me !!!!

I painted a piece of pegboard white, and he did the rest ....... it is AWESOME !!!!! It holds all of my cookie cutters, with space for me to grow !!!
I've used 6" long pegs, and then I decided on baskets for the bottom. They don't stick out as far, and so were less likely to cause bodily harm :-)
It freed up so much cupboard space too ...... my baking cupboard looks so much better now.

So I thought I'd share some of my recent cookie endeavors with you ......

Christmas 2015

Pastel Flowers for a lovely lady's 90th birthday celebration :-)

Frozen themed cookies, to celebrate a little princess's 2nd birthday.

Cookies for your Love ...... Valentines Day 2016 !!!

These were made for two very special friends of mine ....... Mug Hugger Cookies !!!!

So as you can see, the flour has been flying, and the mixer whirring in my little kitchen !!! Talking of mixers, I was so completely, unbelievably, hugely spoilt by my daughter at Christmas ...... She gave me a RED Kitchen Aid Mixer .......... there are NO words to describe just how elated and excited I was !!!!!

Until next time .....

Monday, December 28, 2015


Well that turned out to be an unexpected, long blog break .......
Sickness, huge amounts of cookie baking, and just the general madness that the Christmas Season brings, are all to blame!!!!
I thought I would squeeze one last 2015 post in, before 2016 dawns and hopefully with it, all that is good.

I'm sure some of my regular readers think I'm a little odd ...... I'm talking zombie doll odd !!!! Truthfully it is so much fun to just sit and create with no rules - these cute, little critters allow for just that. Thankfully we have a group of crazy ladies who all understand this - Our Yarnigras Zombie Doll Swap Group !!!

I have made two awesome and great friends through this group (we also belong to other groups). One of the ladies I've met in person, the other I WILL meet at some point for sure. We've developed this really great friendship, that is very special to all of us ...... you should read some of our group texts :-)
I wanted to make them each something totally different for Christmas ..... Something they could use .... and something that represented the three of us as friends .....

Taa Dahhhhhh ...... Bag Keeper Zombies !!!!

First we have Betty Big Ears .....

Each of them have their own little poem, that tells their story. Poor Betty Big Ear signed up for a journey to space, and came back somewhat changed .... she's a kind hearted little lady though, as long as she gets her daily portion of fresh, squishy brains !!!!

Next up, is Belinda .....

She is one sassy, little lady ..... 
She was invited to a tea party, woke up on a train, and at some point in that event, developed a taste for brains !!!!

Both of these ladies have a plastic ring attached to the back of their heads, so that they can be hung up. They're great keepers of those grocery sacks we all like to keep, and use to line our trash bins.
I still have to make one for myself ... then we'll each have one, and what better motivation to get my "office" cleaned up, after the Christmas rush, and before the New Year, for which I have so much planned !!!!

Enjoy what's left of 2015. Make some memories that will last you a lifetime !!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


You just knew this post was inevitable .......

 My Thanksgiving 2015 Cookies :-)

Tomorrow the cooking begins ...... Desserts and Appetizers are my contribution this year :-)
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American visitors - May your Thanksgiving be filled with Family, Fun and many Blessings.

Monday, November 23, 2015


And the Bad Blogger Award goes too ........ I know, where did the time go !!! Halloween came and went, Boy Child turned 15, and Thanksgiving is only 3 days away !!!

For the past few years (quite a few in fact), my friend Val has hosted a Christmas ornament exchange. Each year she selects a theme, we make 5 of the same ornament, mail it to her, and in return we get 5 treasures, made by some lovely ladies. My Christmas tree is decorated entirely with these ornaments now .... Sure, it's not a huge tree, but my collection of handcrafted ornaments is very near and dear to my heart.

This years theme was traditional .... Santa, snowmen, gingerbread men, wreaths, all things red and green ....
My medium of choice this year was Sculpey. I've been having a whole lot of fun with it, of late.

Excuse my fake snow prop :-) ..... unlike a large portion of the US, here in Texas we didn't get any of the white, fluffy stuff this past weekend :-(
I thought they'd be so cute, if I sat them on a big rusty jingle bell !!!

I dusted their bases with diamond dust (very coarse, very sparkly glitter), and gave their little, snowy bodies a coat of glossy varnish.

Such dapper chaps !!!

For anyone that knows me, presentation is a BIG thing  ... can't help myself !!!!
I made these red boxes with acetate windows, using a 12"x 12" sheet of scrapbooking cardstock. I nestled them into their boxes with shredded paper, and then threaded their hanger through the box lid, so that they don't bounce around in the mail. A die cut snowflake and a stamped Christmas tag finish the boxes off :-)

Another week, and it'll be time to put up the tree ....... I'm excited to see what treasures arrive in the mail for me, that I will be hanging on my tree :-)

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Happy Halloween ..... wishing you a Bootifly, Spooktacular Day (and night !!!)
My kitchen is busy .... busy ..... busy today !!!!
Spooktacular Sugar Cookies ..... Puking Pumpkin ..... Cockroach Crunch Cake ...... All in preparation of tonight's festivities !!!!

Well, it's time to announce the winner of my Witches Tea Party 2015, party favor giveaway !!!!
And the lucky person is .....

Magaly Guerrero

Congratulations Magaly. Please could you email ( me with your postal address, and your favorite candy treat, so that I can pop your goodies in the mail.

Thank you all so much for visiting my Witches Tea Party. As a first timer, I was a little nervous, but y'all were so sweet and welcoming. I LOVED reading all of your comments - they were very appreciated !!!!

Time to head back to the kitchen ..... my cauldron is bubbling ... time to cook up some more wicked treats !!!!