Friday, December 11, 2009


Yesterday came and went.....................what can I say, it's that time of the year.
I have coordinated Staff Appreciation Lunches at the kids school for about 4 years now....Today was lunch day!!! Each lunch I try to think of a favor to give all of the staff as they head back to their classrooms.............with 60 staff members it can be a challenge to come up with cost effective ideas. I hit on a good one this time.....(OK, I think it was a good one:-).........chocolate dipped spoons and a packet of hot chocolate mix.

What I used : - plastic spoons
- white and milk melting chocolate
- crushed candy canes
All I did was : - melt the chocolate
- dip the round part of the spoon in the chocolate
- sprinkle with the candy cane now if you want to
- put on a foil lined baking sheet, and refrigerate to set
- you can drizzle with the other color chocolate at this point if you wish.
Voila............a simple, but pretty and useful gift!!!!
Now onto our visitors from the North Pole.... One of the big elves has been a little under the weather for the past 2 days - a leaky leg I believe!!! He's in good hands though, his friend has taken him under her wing and is keeping a watchful eye on him - especially on his fever.
Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, recovery time is estimated to be short, and then back to work for him!!!
Note the thermometer:-)
The little elves have taken advantage of the situation, and for the past 2 mornings we have woken up to a mess..........a HUGE mess!!!
Thursday morning we found this:
Toilet paper EVERYWHERE!!! They had made their own obstacle course!!!
Then this morning this is what we found:

Post It Notes EVERYWHERE!!! I believe boy child stopped counting at 176:-0

Our Advent activities have been a little understated over the past 2 days, due to everyone having a hectic schedule. We have however, managed to squeeze a little something in of the beverage variety. Last night between choir concerts and Scout leaders meeting we managed to nip into Starbucks for a little warm, yummy goodness!!!

I'm planning on making this a Christmas crafting weekend...................hope you get a chance to craft a few more "To Do's" off your list too.

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