Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello everyone, and welcome to my little corner of Blogland - thanks for stoping by for a visit :-)

Over the past few weeks, another little, knitty being has been under construction. Today I knitted the last few stitches, and put her together, and here she is !!!! I'm not sure of her name yet ..... I'm still thinking about that - any suggestions anyone?

She is another pattern from Rebecca Dangers Book, and as always there were new things to learn while making her. This time it was knitting using the Magic Loop Method. Honestly, not my favorite, but perhaps I just need to practice it a little more. These little feet just tickle me pink .... her chubby, little toes are so very endearing :-)

I also had a go at knitting stitches mid row onto scrap yarn, and then comming back later to pick them up, and continue knitting with them .... this is how her legs were knitted onto her feet. Very clever !!!!

She will be taking a little visit somewhere soon (more about that at a later date), but she will eventually come home. Girl Child has already laid claim to her :-)

Texas is roasting at the moment ..... sweltering, sticky, just plain yukky !!! Hope you're enjoying your weather wherever you are. Until next time ..... Toodles !!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


My craftroom redo is almost complete ..... I just have 2 decorative things to get done, and then I can reveal all !!! It has been so much fun redoing it ...... my perfectly, pretty, creative space !!!!
I do want to show you the inspiration board I made - I'm so happy with how it turned out. Hubby hung it up for me this afternoon, so we're in business.
I got the black frame at Hobby Lobby for 90% off !!!! I don't think I've ever scored such a great bargin. I cut foam board to fit the aperture and covered it with cork. I then staple gunned (I just had to use that thing) the fabric to the foam board. Another layer of foam board slotted into the aperture,and I taped it all down with Gorilla Tape ...... Hey Presto - A cute inspiration board !!!

It needed a bit of prettyfying (I know, not a real word, but perfect for this purpose!!!) Bunting is just so cheerful :-)
I crocheted up a few flowers .... the patterns came from a variety of different sources. I added some cheerful colored buttons, and they were complete.
I have some pretty, pink push pins to use on it too .....
Pink .... bunting .... flowers ...... these things all make my heart skip a beat !!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Today was such a fun day, a real treat ........ I met up with a blog friend !!!!
Jill and I were partnered in an apron swap about 3 years ago. We've been partners in other swaps since then, and have kept in regular contact. Lucky for me, she's on vacation only 40 minutes from where we live ........ definately too good an opportunity to miss :-)
We had a lovely lunch and visit ...... she spoilt us so. She also has the cutest daughter !!!
Thanks Jill for taking time out of your vacation to meet me for lunch - I'm so glad we did. Hopefully we can do it again one day soon :-)

Of course I didn't want to go empty handed .... here's what I made and gave to Jill.
I knitted her a frilly scarf .... a varigated black, white and grey one.
I made her a set of owly notecards - I used the owl images from 2 of my Cricut cartridges (Paisley and From The Nest)
I popped both of these gifts into a gift box I made ...
I used the Card Making Companion that my mom left here for me .... thanks Mom, I use it soooo often :-) This time I used a plain black cardstock for the box base, and I then Modge Podged a patterned sheet of owl paper to the cardstock for the lid. I then finished it off with some ribbon. I love that I can make my own gift boxes in any size I need in 5 minutes flat using this tool (and they turn out perfectly every time) !!!
No gift is complete without a handmade card to finish it off. So ...
I have used this owl stamp so often - I really love the simplicity of it. The sparkly fiber was some that Mom and I bought at the GASC ..... we did get it in every color they had!!!!

Meeting new friends has most certainly been the best part of writing this blog for me. Thanks again Jill .... it has definately been one of the highlights of my summer.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hello lovely visitors, hope you're having a fabulous day !!!!
As the title of this post indicates, we've been up to a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, in our household. The hot, lazy summer days, are well underway, and we're spending a fair amount of our time, just trying to stay cool - although in saying that, we don't have those crazy, hot mercury readings that our northern neighbors are experiencing. I feel for them, we had it last summer, and it was just awful !!!

A fair amount of time is still being spent in the kitchen ..... someone please explain how 3 dozen cookies can disappear in less than 24 hours .... crazy stuff !!! We must have a resident Cookie Monster (or 3 !!!)
I went ahead and made my mint jelly over the weekend ...... green perfection !!!
There is something so satisfying about preparing the "juice" to make jelly .... Julia Childs, move aside !!!!
An hour or so along in the process, and look (at this point I may have actually squealed) ... clear, green, mint jelly !!! Now we just need to keep an eye out for a reasonably priced leg of lamb (why oh why, is lamb so horribly expensive !!!), and the process will be complete - roast leg of lamb with mint jelly ............ yummy yumminess :-)

And just in case you thought that crafting of any kind had taken a backseat to all things culinary, this should reassure you otherwise ...
Look at those chubby, little toes :-) Another monster is in the works ... there were some new techniques to be learned in this pattern. Precisely why I love Rebbeca Danger's patterns soooo much. They allow you to learn new techniques on small pieces. It helps too, that she explains things so clearly:-)
The reorganizing of my craft space is underway - It's probably 75% complete, and looking quite marvelous, if I say so myself. Tonight hubby will be hanging some storage stuff on the walls for me, and by the end of the weekend, I'm hoping to be finished. I want to make pretty little curtains for the windows (I have the fabric I want to use picked out), but this part is going to have to wait a little while. I will share pictures with you, when it is all done.

Wishing you all a fun filled weekend ...