Friday, December 25, 2009


A very Merry Christmas to you all - I hope that 2010 turns out to be a year full of love and laughter for you and your families.
Our Christmas day has been busy...starting at 1:30 this morning when hubby caught boy child and girl child rummaging through the presents under the tree!!! Little stinkers:-)
They were swiftly sent back to bed, and we did it properly at 7am.
It also included our Christmas Feast - we shared it with some special friends of ours (we're all foreigners and neither of us has any family here). It was really yummy:)
Sadly we bid farwell to our little elves last night.................Goodbye friends and we'll see you back again next Christmas.
They still managed a last bit of mischief - they baked the kids cupcakes one night.....oh were they good!!!
They entertained themselves with a game of ludo...........................I need lessons next year guys!!!

And then the grande finale - they got wind of our Christmas Eve Advent Activity and decided to send the kids on a treasure hunt (the clues were hidden in helium balloons that they had to pop). They found 4 items, which gave them clues as to where we were going.......a pair of gloves, a sachet of hot chocolate, a knitted beanie cap and the picture of the grinch.........can you guess where we went? Read on to find out:-)

Our Advent activites included a few more items we made that we decorated our house with. This Advent idea has been amazing. We've done so much together and have created some amazing keepsakes.............this has become our new tradition.
We decorated gingerbread houses..........who doesn't love doing that!!!

Everyone did a great job I thought. They were proudly displayed on our mantel today.
We made candy wreaths as well - I am yet to take a picture of these. We hung one wreath in each of our breakfast room windows - they looked very festive.
Our final Advent activity - I know you just can't bear the wait any longer can you..................we went to see ICE at the Gaylord Texan. It had a Grinch theme this year and was very pretty. Those people who carve those ice sculptures are super talented in my opinion.

Last night saw a mad scurry to get those last few gifts done...........needless to say, there are no pictures of them. My photography skills at midnight are not good, I can promise you that.
Now that the Christmas crafting is behind us, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into some other fun things. I have 2 swaps that I'm signed up for. I've also decided that this will be the year that I challenge myself to try some new things...............1st on my list... to give knitting socks a try!!! Watch this space, it could be pretty entertaining!!!
So as we put away the Christmas fabric and yarns, lets look forward to new ideas and new challenges in 2010.
Thank you for reading this blog....I'm glad I took the step into the blogging world:-)

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