Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This week is turning out to be super busy...... a 5th Grade field trip with girl child today, class Christmas parties later on in the week, and then..............2 weeks of no school!!!!
So what has been happening in our little world?
Boy child and hubbys cake (as I blogged about in my last post), won them a ribbon................they won in the Most Creative Category. Way to go guys - I'm so proud of both of you!!!
I've been busy sewing MANY pairs of PJ pants..........I even had a dream about them last night!!! What do you suppose that tells me??? I haven't taken any pictures of them yet, I thought I'd wait until they're all done - the picture will look sooo much more impressive:-)
Last night our Advent activity was simple but humbling. We delivered those trays of cookies we all decorated on Sunday night to the Police and Fire Departments. They were very excited to get them........the kids commented on how glad they were to have been able to make them happy - that's what it's all about.
Tonight we had a little gluey, glittery fun - we made special hot chocolate placemats. We'll use these on our breakfast table on Christmas morning:-) They turned out so cute.....almost good enough to eat (or drink)!!!

Are those not super cute!!!
As the time gets closer for our little elfy friends to return home, they seem to be getting more daring!!!
On Sunday night they snuck into boy childs room, abducted Fred the Head (shame on them!!!) and placed one of hubbys hats on his head. They then scaled great heights to place him, after which they hopped onto the hat brim and spent the night partying in that spot!!!!
This morning they endeared themselves.....yes elfies after my own heart!!! Just look at what we found this morning.................how can you not love them???

The little stockings they made are just darling!!!!
So how is your "To Do" list looking?

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