Sunday, January 24, 2010


My partner - Jenny, has recieved her package of goodies, so I can now show you what was in the package. The theme for January was acorns and pinecones, so here is what I came up with....
I made her 2 ribbon pinecone ornaments...were they fun to make or what:-> I love the fact that by changing your ribbon or fabric you get a totally different look - they're really versatile. I forsee that this pattern is going to get ALOT of use.
I also made her an acorn birdhouse. I'd seen a picture of one on a wood working website....only problem - I haven't got a clue about anything wood working. So, I put my thinking cap on and came up with an idea on how I could make it.....and it worked!!! I used one of those wooden duck/goose/feathery friend eggs you can buy at the craft store. I made an acorn cap to fit it out of sculpey. Once I'd baked the cap, I stuck tiny, brown, glass seed beads all over it. The next step is where hubby came to the rescue (He gets the award for being so accepting of ALL my crafty endevors:-).........he drilled 2 holes for me. One was the birdies hole and the other was just big enough for me to glue a wooden axle peg into it. I finished it off by glueing a little bird onto the peg. Voila - an acorn bird house:-)
To go with the ornaments I sent her some vintage Valentines cupcake toppers - she likes all things vintage. I then also sent her a scrapbook I'd made. I thought that as this is a year long swap, it may be fun to have a scrapbook that documents what you sent and what you recieved each month. I made it simple....take a look for yourselves...

The cover

For the month of August. On the left a place to put a photo of what she sent and on the right a photo of what she recieved.

And here is Septembers you get the idea of how it looks.
Pinecar Derby was a roaring success - hubby and Boy Child had a blast. I'll save those photos for another day.
Have a fantastic week, and keep warm if it's cold where you are....I believe the spring like weather Texas has had over the past few days is about to come to an abrupt end......BRRRR!!!


  1. The scrapbook was my favorite!! I hope you make 12 to give each lady one!! What company do you use for stamps and paper and stuff? I love the mushroom stamp, and there was a star burst/firework stamp that was beautiful!

  2. hey I got my apron thank you so much

  3. Glad you got it Alesia:-) You are very welcome...i had fun making it and putting the goodies together.

  4. Wow Kerry! What a beautiful YOE Package you sent to Jenny! Clever chickee. Your Aussies YOE friend, Natalie. :)

  5. so creative!! the journal is great.