Monday, January 18, 2010


So I promised you yesterday that I'd show you what else was going into my Hot Mama Apron Swap Package with the you didn't think I'd show you so soon:->

It includes 2 recipe cards - a la scrapbook style, a recipe keeper and the most amazing dishtowel thingy (you'll understand better when I explain it below) ,and a tin of my homemade key lime bark....yummy. The recipe keeper I got off Anna Maria Horner's website (It's a free tutorial). I have one that I keep my recipes for the coming week's dinners in (I do TRY to be organized!!!). I take it to the grocery store with me when I buy the ingredients for our dinners.........I find it very useful.
Next the dishtowel thingy...........I got this off the following blog I think it's an amazing idea and I think it makes a great gift (a thrifty one too). It took me all of 15 mins to put together, so I really suggest that you pop on over to her blog and check it out!!!

The words every mother of a boy will hear at some point - "Mom, come see my trick. It's really cool, but I think it's dangerous...... " I'll show you the picture and you decide for yourself............why do I forsee a visit to the ER at some point:-)
The one good thing - he was wearing his helmet!!!

Happy Crafting:-)


  1. Too cute! You are so crafty :)

    I think that kid needs elbow pads too! Don't let him show C&C that trick!

  2. Nice package! I have one of those towels, stayed on my oven door for 6 months cause I couldn't get it unbuttoned, finally cut it off LOL.

    Kat in Florida

  3. Oh Kat that is so funny:-) For this one, and because i'm a buttonhole phobe, i used one of those magnetic clasps you use for purses - the button was just for effect. Hopefully it works like it should.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.