Friday, January 22, 2010


Tonight is the first birthday party of many that Girl Child will attend this year.......that is if it's anything like the years gone by. We've established a bit of a tradition (quite by accident mind you). At the beginning of the year, Girl Child decides on "The Gift" for that year. This same gift gets made and given to each friend whose party she attends. Last year was photo cushions, this year it's toteable towels....this is the point where you hear a drum roll..........and much thanks goes to Anna Maria Horners blog. She provided the free tutorial for this ingenious creation. They're quick, easy, and oh so cute:-> Take a look, and decide for yourself.

The first picture....yes, the not so great one - shows it partially folded up. The second picture shows it all rolled up and ready to tote!!! There will be many more of these made this year, in many different patterns............I already have plans for a Valentines one for a very special little one year old who lives over the ocean:->

In other news....tomorrow is Boy Childs Cub Scout Pinewood Derby!!! Anyone familiar with this event will know just how big a deal it is. The hours of car designing, building and decorating that go into the cars would rival any of the big car makers!!! In honor of this big ocassion dessert tonight was jello cars and custard. I got this cute mold as a freebie when I purchased some jello last year. Demolding them was a bit of a challenge, but they turned out to be really cute........and not to mention yummy!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a fantastic weekend and...... Happy Crafting:-)


  1. Oh how fun! I am not sure if my last comment went through or not! I received my box from you on the say I was heading to the post office to send your box to you!! I had to bring your box back in an redo some things after opening your amazing gifts! Your scrapbook is so special! THANK YOU! Your box will be heading back out on Monday since I had to redo some things to be on your level!! hehehe!Sorry it is so late!

  2. I've made those towels - they are great! My boys loved them last summer. What a great idea to designate a gift for the year.

  3. Jenny you shouldn't have done that - i'm sure your package was just perfect!!!! Glad you like it. Can't wait to get your package....i'm really loving this swap.

  4. Now who could that special one year old be......????? Those towels are great Kerry, good for swimming lessons..!!!