Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Wow, it took a while to get back into the swing of everyday life again....hence the reason for my lack of blogging over the past week. We're back on track though now. The kids are back at school and our daily routine is back in full swing:-)

So what crafty fun have I been up to lately!!!

My little niece turns 1 in a few days time - I can't believe it. Where has the time gone? I wanted to make her a special gift in keeping with my attempt this year, to try and make as many gifts as I can and to try and use what I have already got in my stash to make those, what did I come up with.

Firstly I've made her a knitted pom pom hat, to keep her little head warm. I had the yarn left over from another project. I had a ball making the pom pom......when last did you make one? For me it was MANY years ago!!!

I must admit, I nearly gave up before I began because there were to few stitches to use a circular needle, which mean't you know what.....yes, I had to use those double pointed needles - all 4 of them!!! It wasn't bad at all once I got the hang of it..............hey, those socks are looking more doeable after that:-)
Then my absolute favorite.......I'm so thrilled with the way it turned out...........her own special fabric name book. I used letters I printed off the computer, cookie cutters, pictures from coloring books - whatever I had on hand to make this. I took each letter of her name and teamed it with an object beginning with that letter - the pictures explain it better. I hope she loves it.

Sorry about these 2 pictures - I can't rotate them for love nor money!!! Recline a little, while you look at them:-) Oh look, another directionally challenged one below!!!

I'm also busy working on some of my various swap goodies - I'll share those with you when I can.............don't want to go spoiling the suprise for my partners.
We're buttoning down the hatches now as Texas prepares for 3 days of temperatures below freezing.........a good reason to stay at home and craft away I think!!!

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  1. If your niece could, she would give you a million kisses of thanks for that pressie, definitely a keeper forever!! Brilliantly made as always!