Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I remember vaguely seeing these scattered over the internet, but to be honest, I've never paid too much attention to them ..... that was until I today.

It is nearly Halloween (yes, we just have to accept that the latter half of the year is upon us). Halloween means Zombie Swap time ..... Oh yes it does, and you know how much fun that is for us Zombie Doll creators !!!! Part of the swap, is the inclusion of three Halloween themed tuck ins ....... this particular part of any swap, can only be defined as creative heaven to me. The chance to try new and exciting techniques and products .... Oh Happy Day !!!!

Walmart have just unpacked those kitchy $4 Halloween T Shirts they sell every year ....... not hard to guess that I'm no fan of them !!! BUT, today that changed (well for this purchase anyway) !!!!
In the mens section, I saw two Zombie themed T Shirts ..... Too perfect to pass up, I bought one of them, not even knowing what I'd do with it ...... only that it was going to become a tuck in of some sort ..... Ping ..... Light Bulb Moment ...... A T Shirt Tote !!!!!

Diving into the Pinterest archives, I unearthed THIS TUTORIAL ..... about an hour later (and I'll explain why it took me that long in a little bit), The Zombie T Shirt Tote was born ....

It was dead easy to make !!! The side seams (sides of the shirt) are already done, as are the handle (shoulders) seams, so all that's left to sew, is the seam along the bottom, and to turn in a small hem around the handles. It really should be a 30 minute project at the very most.
I decided that I prefered to encase the edges with binding .... I cut strips of the T shirt off cuts, and made a quick binding .... it finishes the edges off nicely, I thought. That's why mine took a little longer to finish.

It is so roomy ...... you can fit LOTS of stuff in there. It's also surprisingly strong !!!

They would make such cute Trick or Treat bags too ...... the kiddos could collect tons of candy in them. The added bonus to this particular bag (and a great safety feature for Trick or Treat night), is that parts of the design on this bag, glow in the dark ....... Now how awesome is that !!!!!

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  1. Tee shirt totes are great. We've used some of my daughter's favorite tee shirts that she didn't want to part with to make totes. It's recycling at it's finest.