Saturday, August 30, 2014


Browsing Pinterest last week, I came upon a website, that brought a huge, cheesy grin to my face ...... It was a recipe site, dedicated to traditional South African foods .... authentic, tried and tested recipes!!!

I gave one of the dessert recipes a try tonight .... Milk Tart !!!

THIS is the recipe ...... It was fantastic !!! Usually the tart has a heavier dusting of cinnamon on top, but Hubby detests the taste of cinnamon, so I dusted VERY lightly. The crust is more like a sugar cookie base, than it is a pastry.
I think my pie dish may have been a little on the small side ...... I had about 1 cup of filling left, that I couldn't fit into the pie shell .... It didn't go to waste mind you !!!!
The cookie shell, could have been a little thinner on the sides too - I think next time, I'll only use 3/4 of the pastry, unless I can find a bigger pie dish.

It was sooo good though ..... creamy, sweet and silky smooth !!!!

I am very excited about this find - I bought some ingredients this morning, to make a few more goodies they have listed .... Fudge (the SA way), mushroom sauce ..... Yum, Yum, Yum !!!!

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  1. learned something new today....never ever heard of a Milk Tart!