Friday, September 19, 2014


I'm a traditional Disney type of animation girl .... Mickey Mouse, Dumbo ..... you get the picture.

My friend Val over at Yarnigras, recently hosted her Annual Halloween Zombie Doll Swap, we're busy wrapping it up now. The theme this year was Animated Zombie Dolls !!! We gave our secret partner some ideas of animated characters we liked, and it was up to them to create and zombify a version of them. It was possibly the most challenging zombie doll swap so far, because my partner chose (A) An animal character, and (B) A character I'd never heard of ...... It was Sparky, the dog from Tim Burtons movie Frankenweenie !!!!

Google Images became my instant BFF ....

Paperclay it was going to have to be, as I saw no other way of getting the shape I needed to create him. Cone shaped styrofoam, styrofoam balls, sculpey,  and lots of scrunched up aluminum foil covered in masking tape was used to get the shape. After a bit of trial and error, I got it, and I was very happy with him !!!!

His back view ....

His front view ....

His right side ....

His left side .....

His two big, rather infected (yuk) looking wounds were made from sculpey, that I glued onto the body, after they'd been baked.

I hope my partner liked him ..... I had a blast creating him, and learned a lot through the creative process :-)


  1. What's not to love when it comes to a bloody zombie dog? You created a zombie masterpiece!

  2. I absolutely flipped out when I unwrapped my fabulous zombie frankenweenie yesterday! He is FANTASTIC! Your are incredibly talented and I absolutely LOVE him! I will be blogging about my entire zombie package full of cool things this weekend! Thank you so very much!!

  3. P.S. I think he is BETTER than the original Frankenweenie!!! :)

  4. He is AMAZING! What a wonderful job you did zombifying him!