Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I did a bit of apron sewing recently ........ quick, cheerful, and a great way to feel as though you've accomplished something in a short space of time.
This little sewing exercise was not without its drama however - I had finished the one apron, and only had about 1/4 yard of binding to sew on the second apron, when my sewing machine died !!!! No LCD display, no response from the foot pedal .... it was truly dead !!! I was sooooo mad !!! It has faithfully served me for 10 years, we have sewed many many miles together, and I loved working on it .... the least it could have done was go out with a spectacular show of fireworks and smoke, not just seize up and die !!!
A plan is underway to rectify the situation .... thanks so much Mom and Dad, I appreciate it more than you know :-)
Until I've decided exactly what I'm going to do, I've dusted off a little, beginner, basic machine that I had for Brittany (I thought she may one day like to sew ...... who was I kidding), and I'm getting by with that.

But, enough of my tale of woe, and back to the aprons ......
This time I used SIMPLICITY PATTERN 1936. I've used it before, and like it a lot. It has a flouncy bias cut skirt, and is very economical on the fabric yardage it uses.

This daisy apron, was one my Mom asked me to make for her. She wants to give it to a friend as a birthday present. It says 1950's housewife too me. I think that must have been a really fun era in which to be a young housewife. Everything was made from scratch, you'd have dressed for dinner .... I find something oddly appealing about that. I have some recipe booklets from that era, that have been handed down too me. Every now and again, I pull them out, and look at them. I find the illustrations particularly charming.

This one is my new Halloween apron. I needed a new one, and when I saw this fabric covered in cheerful, funny faced jack o lanterns, I knew I had to have it. I can't wait for the 1st October to roll around, so that I can pull out my Halloween kitchen goodies (I'm going to try and get some new kitchen towels, and maybe even a new pair of oven gloves made in time), and just enjoy the fun month that October always is. I have a few plans for some new porch decorations too ....  I may have already decided on what we'll be handing to our Trick or Treaters this year, and I have a few new recipes pinned  that I'm hoping to try ....

Time is flying by ....... I even begun making my first Christmas gift today !!!


  1. Your aprons are beautiful! I agree 50's housewife seems charming, of course I hate cleaning so I would have made a terrible 50's housewife :) I'll just wear aprons instead.

  2. I love the aprons! Am all over that Halloween one!!!!!