Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Most of us know all too well about comfort eating ....... I'm a big comfort eater !!! I've discovered another trend in myself lately .... I'm a comfort sewer. At times I find myself with a longing to create something just for the pure joy of creating ..... for the time it gives me alone with my thoughts .... To remember ..... To think .....
I've noticed a pattern, this normally happens either when I'm feeling overwhelmed or homesick. Today was one such day .... Today it was a combination of both feelings (and I suspect 44 year old hormones that are going totally wacko, as I've read they do at around this age !!!)....
I took myself off to my "office", put my MANGO GROOVE CD on, and begun to create (ok, and I shed a tear or two  - it was cathartic). I'm sure most of you have no clue who MANGO GROOVE is ...... they're a South African band, I just love. Click on the links if you want to have a little listen.

These creations were just fun ..... no purpose to them, just time to play with fabrics and trim ..... and they're really quite cute :-)

I pulled stuff from my stash ... it looked like a bomb had gone off in my "office" by the time I was finished.

These fabric pieces were left over from last years State Fair Apron entry. Felt, Ric Rac, buttons .... None of the embellishments were precisely cut - it was a fly by the seat of my pants type thing.

The body of this guy is made from a dish towel I found in the clearance section at World Market, who knows how many moons ago ...... I cant turn down 100% Indian cotton dishtowels that only cost $1-05 !!! This owly is my favorite of the two ..... love her tulle eyelashes. She has a bit of a Halloween feel to her too.

I followed a basic tutorial that I found online (the owl pattern was included too) - I thought I'd pinned it to Pinterest, but looks like I didn't - I will keep looking for it, and as soon as  I find it, I'll post the link to the tutorial .... the lady haD made a number of them, and some were so stinkin cute !!!!

Until next time (or until I find the link to the tutorial) .....


  1. These are so pretty I love owls too. I can also relate to how you feel. Going to my studio often makes it all ok again. OMG can't believe you are still listening to Mango Groove. Now I want to dig out my old CD again :P

  2. These are so cute. I need to pick back up on my owl making so I can try to do a drive by hooting.

  3. I made mine already too! Just figuring out when to announce it and start flinging hooties! hahahah!