Friday, September 12, 2014


Ghouls ...... Ghosts ...... Zombies ...... All things Halloween !!! This to me, is a day to let loose and have some fun. It's a day to do things that if done on any other day, would have you labelled a little odd.
It's a celebration that's "new" to us .... we've only known what it's really about since moving to the States. I do like to put out some fun themed decorations for the month of October .... The ordinary old dish towels are replaced by ones covered in ghosts, witches and all things skellybones. I don my Halloween apron .... I treated myself this year, by making a new one :-) And like all homes (I'm hoping), there is more candy lying around than usual. This year I decided that our candy needed special fun containers of their own, so out came the aluminium foil and the sculpey, and I set to work. Oh and by the way, I now know why I keep all of those empty fruit and jam jars ....... I just knew  they'd come in handy one day !!!!

I started with a ball of foil, and from there, cover it with sculpey and added my features ...... I love the versatility of sculpey, you can do absolutely anything with it. Once I was happy with my heads, to the oven they went, to be baked ........ Just look at them staring out of the oven !!!!

Once cooled, out came the paint, varnish and dolls hair .........
I do love the creepy results. Perfect for holding the Halloween candy :-)

To cover the lid of the jar, I first sanded the lid a little. Mine had a plastic coating on it, and I thought by ruffing it up a bit, it would make it easier for the sculpey to adhere to it. I rolled out the sculpey, and pushed it onto the top and sides of the lid, I cut off the excess at the edge, and baked it as I did the heads, just for a shorter time. Once the lid was cool, I glued the head onto the lid with some strong glue.

I want to make a few more in different sizes before October begins ...... I really want to try a Jack Skellington one next - that could be so much fun !!!!


  1. hahahaha too cute. Pity we don't celebrate over here. I am sure your house looks amazing. I have never thought of using skulpy.. I am sure I could make some cool embellies with it.... :D

  2. I don't know how I missed this post, Zombie head candy jars what a brilliant idea! I love how it turned out! I need to get playing with my sculpty and paperclay. You've inspired me!

  3. zombie head candy jars ...totally crack me up! I love them!!!!!