Monday, August 18, 2014


What can I say, I love them ...... especially when they adorn little girls clothing. There's something fun, feminine and just a little bit cheeky about them !!!!

This little outfit turned out so cute !!! I think it was a Simplicity patterns (I'm too lazy right now, to run upstairs and check). It certainly wasn't a quick make, but so worth the time it took to create. If you need gathering practice, then this pattern is for you ...... you gather literally yards and yards of fabric in order to create those cute ruffles. 3 layers of ruffles on each pants leg, a ruffle at the bottom of the tunic, and then as if that's not enough, the tunic skirt is heavily gathered, where it attaches to the bodice.
I do love the two fabrics together, especially because they're not juvenile fabrics as such, yet they work so well together, in a cute, little girl way.

I hadn't made buttonholes in a long while either ....thankfully it was like riding a bicycle - you don't really ever forget ..... you just need a little brushing up on those rusty skills.

It's been so much fun, getting back in front of my sewing machine .... I really need to do it more often :-)

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  1. me too! I haven't sewn in quite awhile. Maybe we need a challenge.......
    That little outfit is precious!