Sunday, August 17, 2014


In reality, do women really still wear aprons in the kitchen ? I've been asked this question a number of times, and my answer has to be YES !!! I know many women who still wear them, and I've been asked to make a number of them for different people ..... they are not only the domain of our grandmothers.
I love my aprons ..... I put mine on when I make breakfast, and if the day doesn't require that I go out, it only comes off after dinner ..... Yes, it's a useful little piece of fabric, for sure :-)

It was time for a new one ..... constant wear and tear can make them look grubby pretty quickly. Not a big deal - I can whip them up pretty quickly, and the style choices are endless. My latest apron creation is a combination of two patterns ........ Uh Huh, remember what I spoke about yesterday ...... reworking patterns to get a different look, and more bang for my buck? This dear friends, is what I'm talking about !!!

This fabric literally jumped off the shelf at me, in Joann's .... I love its freshness. Never let anyone tell you the color of your binding isn't important ..... I put black bias binding up against this fabric, and it just dragged the fabric down, made it look really blah. The green on the other hand, just makes it pop. The skirt was from one pattern ( love the petal shape), while the bib top was from another.

On another note ...... Have you ever heard of a Pastry Cloth ? Now, these may well be the domain of our grandmothers :-) I came across a tutorial for one on Pinterest the other day ....... Where have they been all my life !!! Anyone that makes cookies or pastry needs one of these ...... I'm in the throws of making one ..... I'll be sharing it with you, just as soon as it's done !!!

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  1. what a fabulous apron! I love that color combination, AND the done good!!!!