Friday, August 15, 2014


Isn't he the cutest ..... this was the second koala amigurumi pattern I attempted. The first had such promise (well, it's picture suggested it had promise), but it was a disaster..... it looked nothing like it's picture ... in fact Hubby thought it looked like a sloth !!! Enough said :-)

This little guy was a really "Fun To Crochet" project. His little shoes and bowtie just make me smile. You can get yourself this koala pattern HERE, off of Etsy. His pattern was easy to follow, and was very specific .... love it when they pattern writer tells you just where to place those cute, little eyes !!!!
The only change I made, was that I made his tummy patch 2 rounds bigger ..... I just felt the original one was a little too small ...... it could have been that I stuffed Karl fairly firmly ..... I like my amigurumi creations to be firmly stuffed.
He, could very easily be made into a She ..... pink shoes and a pink hair bow !!! He'd make a super cute gift for a little person too.
Go ahead, give him a go !!!

Hoping the weekend ahead is full of fun and relaxation ....... exactly as a weekend should be !!!!