Sunday, June 8, 2014


I love this idea .... the idea of using fiber art to brighten up something !!!!
I came across this on my Facebook Feed last week ....

This Yarn Bomb project, is serving two purposes :
To break a World Crochet Record, and to provide a gorgeous Enchanted Garden, that will be enjoyed by the children and their families, who are being cared for by Little Havens Hospice. This is a Hospice in the UK, that cares for terminally ill children, and offers support to their families.
I love the idea, and can't think of a more worthwhile project to contribute too.

A bonus for me, is that they took their inspiration from the children's book The Enchanted Woods, written by Enid Blyton. I was very shocked to learn, once arriving in the USA, that Enid Blyton is not a name familiar to the majority of Americans ...... what a shame !!! To me, she remains THE best author of children's literature ever. I have many of her books .... treasured possessions ... that I've bought on various trips to the UK. This is a fun, enchanted story, that will spark the imagination of any child. The grammar is perfect, the vocabulary is great and best of all ...... there's no slang !!!!

I have made two items, that will be popped in the mail tomorrow ...

Little Flower Fairy ..... I used THIS FREE PATTERN, to make her. I wanted her to have a skirt that looked like petals, so I crocheted a whole lot of bunny ears, that I then sewed directly onto her body. I then made some simple wings, that I attached to her back. She was really quick to crochet up ..... a couple of hours crocheting at the very most.

This toadstool is from THIS BOOK. Ana Paula Rimoli, helped a great deal when it came to cutting my teeth on amigurumi, a couple of years back !!! This is the large sized mushroom.

So cute .... little button nose, and all !!!!

To any of my crocheting friends out there, if you would like to contribute to this awesome project..... it doesn't matter how big or small your item/s are, you still have time. I've been in contact with the organizers, and they've assured me there's still plenty of time. Here's their email address, if you'd like to contact them

Until next time ...... Hope your summer has got off to a fantastic start :-)


  1. count me in! I love what you made! I'm off to email them....

  2. I love it! What a great project. I have to admit I don't know the author but will be on the look out.

  3. Kerry seriously you are so talented. I love the little fairy she is beautiful. The toadstool is very cute too. I can't say I am surprised to hear they don't know Enid Blyton... They were my fave books and my kids too and I still have some for the grandies:D