Sunday, June 15, 2014


I love today ...... a day set aside to celebrate not only our own Dads (and mine just happens to be super fantastic :-), but also those sweet men, alongside whom, we've chosen to raise our kiddos ..... our hubby's !!!

We're not doing anything fancy ..... cards, some yummy imported chocolate bars, a special dinner, and an even more special dessert !!!  And lots of extra hugs and kisses !!!!

 I made the cards that the kids gave to hubby.
The card Richard gave Dad ...... they're great fishing buddies, and just last night spent a couple of hours hauling in some catfish ....
All of those fish were returned to the water unharmed :-)

Brittany is Minion mad ...... she loves those cute little, yellow creatures !!!
When I saw this card on Pinterest, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Now for that super special dessert ...... back home, we have a dessert called Koek Susters (I've posted on them before ..... waaaay back !!!). They're laden with calories, take a fair bit of prep time, but are worth every calorie and minute of that time. Flash fried dough plaits, that are tossed in an ice cold syrup, while they're still HOT !!! They soak up the syrup, and are just YUM ... YUM ... YUM ... !!!!

This particular recipe came up on my Facebook feed during the week .... a definite use again. There are differences in the colors, as I played around with frying time .... personally, I like the ones that have been fried for a little longer, but hey, there's no such thing as a bad Koek Suster (pronounced cook sister).

Hoping you've all enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing Fathers Day.


  1. oh wow, what a gorgeous dessert! I love the cards,yours are always so amazing looking! as for the catfish, we would have eaten them! hahahaha!

  2. hahahahahahah love that you are introducing America to Africa... Afrikaans style. They look so yum... love the cards too. You are such a good wife and mom.....