Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I've been busy with the paper and adhesive again ...... I find it quite funny, how I seem to do specific crafts in little pouches of time ...... It's all about paper at the moment, although to be honest, there's a  lot of knitting going on around here too. Summer heat .... Living in Texas .... I know, it makes completely no sense at all !!!

It is my Mother In Laws birthday later on this week (her gift is going to be late ..... why did they have to retire the Concorde ? I could do with it's speedy ability right about now). Last year I made her a big bunch of assorted blank cards, and she loved them. So much so, that she requested some more, for her birthday this year.

Here's a peek for you ..... All of my inspiration came from Pinterest.

This one is one of my favorites .... It's got a little bookmark incorporated into it :-)
I tried to include a variety of different cards, as she sends to young people, older people, males, females ...
I hope she likes them - I had fun making them for her.


  1. The cards are beautiful, what a great gift! I tend to craft in Jags as well and I knit more in the summer than any other time of year.

  2. These are amazing! They are just lovely.