Thursday, June 26, 2014


Many many moons ago, I started knitting this shawl. I made really great progress in the beginning, but then I guess other projects jumped too the top of my priority list, and this shawl got put aside, while I took care of those other projects. Yes, that was about 2 years ago !!!!

At the beginning of summer, I decided that those WIP of mine (there is still another one, that I'm busy with .... also from a couple of years ago :-), were going to get finished !!! I'm not casting on another stitch, until they're done !!!
So I picked up this shawl, and continued knitting ...... it wasn't too far from being finished anyway.

It is The Boneyard Shawl, designed by Stephen West. It was an easy knit .... those long rows of garter stitch and purl, are very therapeutic. It's a pattern I'd definately knit again.

I used a LionBrand yarn, called Amazing (not too sure whether it's even available anymore). The color is Cobblestone. It's a very light weight yarn, but it's very warm. To obtain this length shawl, I used 8 balls of yarn.

It's part of my Mother In Law's birthday present, together with those blank cards I showed you in my previous post.
What's a birthday present without a birthday cards .....

This is called a bendy card .... Pinterest has a multitude of examples. I'd never heard of them, but by all accounts they're as old as time itself. 
HERE'S the instructions I followed to make my card. Very cute, with so many possible ways to embellish it :-)

Hope your Summer is going well ... Full of days spent making lifelong memories !!!


  1. You've been busy! I love the shawl, it's lovely. I have a drawer full of half finished or never started projects.

  2. Your Mum sent me here to have a look at your blog.....lovely shawl. Like you I have many unfinshed projects, you have shamed me into digging them out and starting them up again.

  3. You know how I adore gnomes....and that shawl is gorgeous!