Tuesday, June 17, 2014


It often amazes me, as to just how versatile paper is .... there are limitless things you can do with it. Cut, fold, glue .... and a lovely creation is born !!!

Today it's a very special friends birthday .... we're kindred spirits, both foreigners in an adopted land, and we both happen to come from South Africa. It's awesome to have a friend like that, someone who knows just how you feel (and more often than not, feels the same way you do), because she's walked the same path.
Birthdays call for presents of the best kind ..... Handmade, with lots of love.

I love the Stempeleinmaleins Blog ..... it is a paper crafter's dream. Every Saturday they post a new tutorial ..... they're all so good, and so well written (the Blog is a German Blog, but the Saturday tutorial is also written in English, or has a link to English instructions.). A couple of weeks ago they posted THIS TUTORIAL, and today I gave it a try ....... so stinkin cute !!!

This is what the lid looks like.

Filled with some homemade peanut clusters ..... Yummy !!! It holds a dozen of them, so it is fairly roomy inside.
I could think of a million different ways to embellish this little basket .....  think I may be busy :-)

No birthday gift is complete without a card ....

I've been meaning to give these flower pot cards a try ....... just Google flower pot card tutorial, and you'll be spoiled for choice.
It was quick and easy to do .... again, the flowers you choose to decorate your pot with, can change the look of this card completely.
As you can see, the flowers attach to the pull out piece you write on .... so cute :-)

Well Summer is definately here ....... We're in the mid to upper 90's daily now !!! Oh how grateful I am to that inventive person, who came up with the idea of air conditioning ..... they're a Saint in my book.


  1. oh man, that is such a great idea. I have no patience for paper crafts....but I adore the ones you create!

  2. What a fabulous idea. I guess I am going to have to this sort of thing for my babies next year. I love the basket and the card. So pretty. You are so talented Kerry....xx

  3. You are a genius with paper and you make it look easy. What beautiful things you create from paper!