Monday, June 2, 2014


I've made these before, and had so much fun making them, that I decided to make some more.
This technique, that I always thought looked so complicated, is really very easy. Ayumi does a fantastic job of explaining how it's done ....  clear and easy to follow.

So pretty, and such a great way to use up all of those teeny tiny fabric pieces ..... no wasting any fabric, when you can make these beauties !!!
I backed these in green fabric, and while the pattern doesn't call for the loop, I like to have something to hang mine with. I just made a simple binding, that I sewed together, and then I attached it to hot pad with 2 buttons.

For anyone wanting to give these a try ..... and you really should ..... this is the book that tells you how to do it !!! As well as how to make many other lovely things too !!!

4 days left of school ..... I cant wait !!! No more obnoxious alarm clock in the morning .... Yippee !!!!


  1. The hot pads are beautifu, like art for your kitchen. I'm jealous about no more alarm clocks after this week. We still have 18 days left.

  2. Oh I love these too.... clever girl..... <3