Saturday, March 8, 2014


If you've been visiting my blog for a little while, you'll know that I'm lucky to be part of an incredibly talented group of ladies, who take part in my good friend Val' annual Zombie Doll Swap. She hosts it around Halloween, and it is a bundle of fun !!!
It's been amazing to watch how, as each year passes, these ladies have stretched their creativity ...... there are some amazing creations :-) And our collections are growing.
For me personally, I love that this swap gives me carte blanche to create whatever I want ...... we're talking Zombie Dolls - there is no right or wrong :-) Because of this swap, I've learned many new techniques and tried a number of new products - paper clay being my absolute favorite :-)

So, when Jill, one of our "zombie girls", and a special friend too, celebrated her birthday recently, I wanted to make her a doll to add to her collection. Let me just say at this point ......when it comes to my creations, my kids think I'm a bit odd, and my hubby told me that he couldn't imagine himself ever being excited about receiving something quite so ugly as a birthday gift !!!

Here she is ...... Zoey Zombie !!!!

 Her head is made from paper clay molded over a Styrofoam ball ..... I used a smaller ball this time, and quite like the proportions. I spooned out holes for her eyes before covering the ball. I sculpted a nose out of the paper clay too. Her eyes are balls of sculpey. Once her face was dry, and I'd painted and inked it, I glued the eyeballs into the eye sockets.
I crocheted a wig cap .... I just winged it when I did this, trying it on her head frequently, until I was happy with the size and fit. I then tied pieces of yarn and fabric onto the wig cap, until I had a nice full, unruly hairdo !!! The wig was then glued to the head.
Her body was made from fabric. I stuffed her butt with beads (so that she can sit), and then the rest of her body with fiberfil. To try something new, I made her hands and shoes out of sculpey too, and then sewed and glued them into place, once they'd been baked. I think I quite like  how they turned out.
I sewed her a dress ...... She was boxed, and sent on her way.

Another part of this swap that I love (it also stretches the imagination. Not in a creative way, but a literary way), is that some of us write poems to accompany our dolls. This part is probably the hardest part for me ....... I am no poet !!!! That being said, I thought I'd share with you the poem that went with Zoey .... No laughing now .... I warned y'all poetry wasn't my forte :-)

Timid Zoey, is how she was known
Then one night she was woken by a guttural moan.
She was unaware that, that night would seal her fate
Help got to her, far to late.
Her eyes are white, and stare blankly
Her appearance is really shocking, quite frankly.
Now she dines on entrails and brains
That leave her face and clothes covered in blood stains.
She only has a small appetite
So caring for her, doesn't require much of a fight.
Keep her well fed, she'll be quite delightful
Not at all like other Zombies, who are Oh so frightful !!!
But the reason for her visit today ....
Best Wishes for a Wonderful and Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Jill ... I hope the year ahead is full of Love, Laughter and Dreams Come True !!!


  1. Hee Hee! I love her! Jill must ADORE HER! Oh my gosh, we must make more More More I say!!!!!

  2. I do adore her! She is so awesome!!! She came wrapped up like a precious china doll but she's so much better than a china doll; she's my very own zombie! I love her!

  3. Your husband obviously doesn't know an awesome zombie when he see it. ;)
    Chris =]