Friday, February 28, 2014


I'm sure if you quilt or sew, you've probably heard of paper piecing, or you may have even seen it. It's lovely, but I've always been scared away from it, thinking it was difficult and required a precision I'm not sure I possess.
Then in the Fall, while browsing one of my favorite blogs ..... HenHouse .... I saw some beautiful paper pieced pot holders that Hen had made ... Oh they were sooooo pretty !!! Reading on through the post, she shared with us, the pattern source for these beauties ..... Guess what - I had the book, in my craft book collection.

The author of this book, is another one of my favorite bloggers ..... Pink Penguin !!!
It was meant to be !!! I was meant to make these paper pieced pot holders !!! So with a deep breath, and little expectation of the outcome, I got right to it. Oh was I soooo wrong !!! This paper piecing thing is a breeze .... and precision is not a prerequisite. Before long I had done it ....

 Just look at them .... Amazing !!!

Then I started thinking about the possibility of creating a quilt out of these ..... it would require that I make each paper pieced piece into a square. So I started playing around, and without too much trouble, I created squares. Now every cook needs matching goodies, so I used the squares to create a pocket, that became part of an apron.

There will be a lot more paper piecing in my future I think ...... I  REALLY do quite fancy the quilt idea !!!

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  1. Looks like you've been busy creating. Paper piecing seems hard, then again so does quilting. Your projects turned out great. The woodland creatures fabric is so cute!