Monday, March 17, 2014


Today I have another creepy little lady to share with you ...... You guessed it - another zombie doll. This one was part of Val's swap package.  She's a little cutie .... well, as zombies go !!!

This is married Myrtle .... The Zombie Bride.
I crocheted her (and when I find the website for the free pattern, I'll post it). I particularly liked the way her body was crocheted, because it gave her shoulders, and thus dimension. I used really chunky black yarn for her hair, that I just threaded through her "skull".
She wears a strapless, white wedding gown, with sparkly trim :-) Just excuse the entrails and brains hanging out of her !!!

As I've said before, like my other zombie dolls, she was accompanied by a poem, that tells her story ....... Remember, I'm no poet :-)


It all began one day, back in high school
when Fred spotted Myrtle, at the neighborhood pool.
He hoped in her heart, for him she'd find room
he wanted so badly, one day, to be her groom.

As the years passed by, something sinister took place
Fred often had blood all over his face.
"Poor Fred has changed" many people said
and his eyes stare blankly, as though he were dead.

Myrtle dismissed the small town chatter
what strangers said, really didn't matter.
What Myrtle didn't know, about the man she was to wed
he had only one interest .... The poor girls head !!!

Many years have passed, since their wedding day
Fred and Myrtle marriage was done the zombie way.
The people of this small town, will tell you this
Fred and Myrtle are still the picture of wedded bliss. 

Thanks for spending some time visiting me today - I really do appreciate your visit.


  1. Myrtle is awesome! You make some fabulous zombies and I'm lucky enough to have one on my shelf!

  2. I would love the pattern to this please! X