Monday, March 10, 2014


Little red and white polka dotted fungi, to be precise !!!
For me they conjure up images of fairy rings, gnome homes, all things fantasy. They feature strongly in the fairy gardens I replant each Spring too.
My partner and special friend, from the most recent swap I took part in, Val, loves them too. They were on her "Happy List", so I was happy to oblige with a few toadstooly items.

 There is an extremely talented lady, who makes lots of these toadstool terrariums, her work is all over Pinterest. I love them, and thought I'd see if I could come up with my own version. I like how it turned out. I bought the basic, el cheapo, salt and pepper shaker set from Target.  I had the little toadstools left over from a project I did last Summer. Getting the Spanish moss and toadstools in there without creating a gluey mess, was a little tricky, but with a little patience it was fine. I used felt to make the toadstool cap. I embedded the lid of the salt shaker into the stuffing of the cap, and glued it in place., so it's all nice and secure. I guess I'll have to make myself on now ..... there's a spare shaker going begging !!!!

 A craft tote .... who doesn't need something pretty to carry your latest crafty make around in. Perfect for those spare moments, when you can quickly get a couple of rows done, or a few stitches in. I used my basic tote pattern that I use for all the totes I make. This time, before constructing the tote, I appliqued the toadstool scene onto the front of the bag. I really do love the black stitching around them ...... really makes them pop !!!
Instead of fabric handles this time, I used these bamboo ones. I had them in my stash, from way back when ..... when Walmart closed their fabric department (now it's back again, which makes me quite smiley). These handles were attached with simple fabric loops. I like that they make the tote a little more "fancy".
I lined the tote with that polka dot fabric, you see at the top.

Now any crafter will know, that you need to have your "tools" handy !!! Scissors, tape measures, stitch markers .... you get the picture :-)
Val crochets beautifully so when I found THIS ZIPPERED POUCH on Pinterest, I knew it was the one. Look at that fantastic popper pouch in the front, perfect for holding her crochet hooks !!!
This pattern is a sweet pattern, and the tutorial is very clear and precise. This was a real fun to sew project.

Hope all this toadstool goodness has given you Spring Fever ......we're on Spring Break this week, the weather looks like it's going to be quite idyllic, so once I've completed the indoor Spring Cleaning (not to much more to go), I'll be headed outdoors, to prepare my veggie patch. Get it ready for planting :-)

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  1. I am so in love with all the goodies you made me Kerry, thank you SO MUCH!