Tuesday, March 11, 2014


We have a new family member ...... he's patchy, furry, and so darn cute !!! His name is Hercules, and he is Girl Childs new best friend ..... He is a guinea pig !!!

 He is still a baby, but just look at that face .... how could anyone resist it ... Yes, he's spoilt - VERY spoilt :-)

 I absolutely LOVE this picture of Girl Child and Hercules ....... this picture sums up her personality. No words needed.
We've had guinea pigs before. They were older when we got them, and had only ever slept in their pigloos. We had seen little fleece Piggy Pouches on Etsy, and they looked so snuggly and warm. I have tons of fleece scraps. so I made a pouch for him, just to see whether he'd like it or not. Like it ..... rather he LOVES it !!!
He snuggles right down into it .... so cute !!!
They really are a 10 minute job to make. Two pieces of fabric, sewn together along three  sides. Two pouches made this way. Stuff them into each other, turn the top over double, sew it down, and there you have it.
I decided to use a cotton fabric for the outside pouch - that way, the bedding doesn't stick to it. Fleece on the inside for warmth and snuggability.

Peek a boo !!!

Now that we know he like his piggy pouch, I ran him up, another one this morning, while my family were still sleeping. That way we can wash one, and wear one, and he need never be without his pouch :-)


  1. Hercules is so cute. I love the picture of him with his girl. It's love! I've never heard of a piggy pouch but what a great idea. Looks snuggly.

  2. oh my GOSH he is so cute! I love the little piggy pouches....he and girl child look so cute together!