Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I'm guessing another week, to be on the safe side, and then I can start planting my veggie garden .... fresh tomatoes off the vine, potatoes with dirt still on them, fresh basil (a Caprese sandwich never tasted so good!!!), a new batch of mint jelly (just as well, because we're down to the last jar), rosemary fresh from the bush to accompany that roasting leg of lamb ...... Can you tell, I'm a little excited !!!!

Now we all know, that when those little green shoots pop through the surface of the soil, they can all kinda look alike. I have a solution to that problem ...... even more exciting, is that it's an inexpensive, crafty solution.

You'll need spoons .... old, new, thrifted - it really doesn't matter, just grab yourself some dessert sized spoons. Mine were from Walmart (their basic 6 pack). Next up, you'll need some Outdoor Modge Podge, and some outdoor varnish/sealant - you don't want your cute little labels disappearing after the first rains. A sheet of paper (I used the stuff we use in our printer), a sharpie and some wax crayons ...... Drawing skills are not needed, just take a look at my labels :-)

I cut (more like eyeballed), an oval shape. Onto those I drew my veggie, and labeled it. I painted some modge podge onto the spoon and stuck my drawing on. Make sure you squeeze out all your air bubbles. I covered the labels with about 4 layers of modge podge, waiting for each layer to dry before I painted on the next layer. Once the modge podge layers were completely dry, I gave each marker (just where the label is), a coat of sealant.

I found that, in order for my labels to stick down neatly, I had to hammer my spoon a little flatter. You may wish to do this if your spoon has a deep "cup", but every spoon is different.

These were part of Val's swap package, but I'll be making my own set in the coming week ... just in time for them to do their job. Oh I can hardly wait for growing season to begin !!!!

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  1. This is a great idea! it makes me wish I was a better gardener! :)