Sunday, September 29, 2013


Those of you who are seasoned swappers, will be familiar with this term. For those who aren't, well, they are the little extras that accompany your main swap item. Making the Tuck Ins for any swap. is often my favorite part. I take the opportunity this gives, to try out new ideas, or to make things that are just plain fun !!!
Val's Voodoo Doll Pincushion Swap, was no exception. We were asked to send 3 Tuck Ins, to accompany our pincushions. It's always a good idea to take your partners likes and dislikes into consideration when choosing them ..... It's really not  fair to send the girl who is on a strict diet a truck load of chocolate !!! I also usually try and tie them back to the theme of the swap.
Here's a peek at the Tuck Ins I included with this latest Swap package ....

Yes, you guessed it, I've been at it with the freezer paper and paint again. I found this cute little guy courtesy of Google. This time I used his shape as a mask. A fabric top hat, button eyes and a gem topped pin complete his embroidered look.  I lined it with a funky batik type fabric, and this time, I included a little Bits & Bobs bag, that clips to the inside of the tote .... I REALLY like this tote !!!

Who doesn't like a Mason Jar !!! But one with a pincushion top, that's filled with goodies ...... Well, that's pretty close to perfection in my book. I found that friendly little voodoo zombie creature at the Dollar Store .... the perfect addition to the jar.

Quick, easy and budget friendly, is the key to Tuck Ins ..... Hopefully I ticked all of those boxes :-)


  1. This is so cool Kerry. You package everything so beautifully. Way to go :D

  2. These are some great voodoo doll swap tuck ins. I'd better get cracking on mine.

  3. The tuck ins are spot on! The bag is great!
    Chris =]

  4. Kerry, I received this package late last night (I had a class and didn't get home till late) and opened it this morning!!! It is AWESOME! so beautiful and fun. Thank you! I'll be posting on my blog and on the swap blog tonight. I just wanted to let you know immediately that I received it and I LOVE everything!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :0)