Tuesday, October 1, 2013


OK, so I have never done one of these before on my blog .... there are many reasons for that. among which is that I'm not too confident that I have that many readers of my blog. However, a great blog friend of mine encouraged me to host one, so here we are ....
It October, it's Fall, and not to far off from now, we'll be snuggled up inside - giving us lots of crafty time (at least, we hope so :-)
Remember this little pincushion person ...

He needs a loving home, and is up for grabs, together with a few surprise goodies :-)
Just leave me a comment, letting me know what your favorite crafty pastime is, and I'll enter you into the drawing.
I'll draw the name of the winner on the evening of October 15th.

Happy Fall Y'all !!!!


  1. Ah Kerry that is one of the thing about blogs... unless peeps leave a comment you dont know how many visitors you have. I have been watching all your crafty stuff and you are just so talented. This little guy is just too cute. Good luck with the draw. I have tried most crafts as you know but scrapping still floats my boat. Especially now with the twins coming along. BTW we found out it is a boy and a girl so too much of excitement... Take care... big hugs xox

  2. I read your blog......sometimes I take a while, but I always go back and read from the last point I left off. Sometimes in blogging, we all wonder if we are just writing to ourselves but I think with a giveaway, you might be surprised.
    I think that is why when I do read blogs I always try to comment.....Love your giveaway!!!!!! Count me as entered..... do you want me to post it on my blog?

    1. Hi there Melinda ...if you'd like to post it on your blog, that would be great. Thanks for making that offer.
      Big hugs

  3. We love you Kerry! This guy is too cute!

  4. Oh I love him! too- too cute-awesome giveaway-I am visiting from Yarni Gras pages-who suggested to pop on over-love your blog too Kathy

  5. I LOVE him! So cute! I think you you have lots of readers but not everyone comments. I love reading what you're up to.
    I want to enter so my favorite crafty past time is . . . any craft. Seriously I love crafting and will try just about any craft.

  6. My favorite crafty pastime is winning an adorable voodoo doll! tee hee

    No really,I like participating in swaps, it's a great way to get to know other crafters and it pushes me out of my crafty comfort zone to experiment.
    Chris =]

    1. Hi Jamie ..... Ok, so I'm probably going to sound REALLY stupid now, but what is Swapbot ?

  7. Kerry- your beautiful pink scarf donation has arrived- thank you so very much. I am so humbled to accept this lovely donation in honor of your children's beloved teacher.
    The scarves are so beautiful- they will be treasured and loved when they go to new homes.

    I'll photograph them soon and share them on my blog in a few weeks. Bless you for this kindness:)


  8. Oh he is adorable!! I LOVE that doll! My favorite crafty pastime is making old books into pieces of art. Sometime I carve the insides to make 3-Dimensional scenes, and sometimes I make them into jewelry boxes. Anyway, what a great giveaway! I would love winning him!

  9. You wrote: "I'm not too confident that I have that many readers of my blog."

    You can always change that. :) When I visit a blog I have never been to and which catches my fancy in any way, I usually take the time to leave a comment and swap howdies with the blog owner. Often enough, such visits are returned -- and maybe both decide to follow one another's blog. Maybe that works for you, too.

    Sure enough, a giveaway is nice, too. Hah! I have already thought of organizing one again.

    By the way, I found my way to your blog through Val's blog (Yarni Gras). Just in case you wondered!

    Sunny greetings from Germany,

  10. PS: For more comments, it helps to take off the word verification. I used to have it, too, but was repeatedly asked to remove it. Finally, I gave in -- and, so far, I have not been visited by trolls. Knock on wood!

    Anyway, just a thought!