Thursday, September 26, 2013


Ah .... thought it was time, that I should stop by again !!! The weather is slowly  (and I mean VERY slowly ...another 94 deg F day for us today) turning, and my fingers are itching to haul out my yarn and needles .... this was a fun and easy project to kick off the knitting season.

My lovely bloggy friend Val is hosting another swap ..... A Voodoo Doll Pincushion Swap. We're talking a fun, nothing serious little swap.
Here's what I made .... Isn't he cute !!! I used THIS SWEET PATTERN to create him. He is fairly big by pincushion standards - around 8" high, but I love my pincushions big .... more space to put ALL of those pins and needles I own :-)
I used worsted weight yarn (number 4), and size 5 (3,75mm) needles to knit him up. I stuffed him very firmly with poly fil. I decided to put him on my standard pincushion base, just to give him stability, and it worked like a charm.
He is a quick knit. I did make his legs a little shorter than the pattern asked for (I cast off in the 27th row as opposed to the 37th row, as the pattern instructed you to do).
I've decided though, that he is a little too cutsey for the likes of my swap partner ... so I'll be making another pincushion for her today.

What do you plan on spending your day doing today ..... hopefully it will include something crafty or creative.


  1. if I could really, truly knit, I would make him. He is toooooo cute!

  2. I don't know how I missed that he's a pincushion, he's just so cute!