Monday, September 9, 2013


My Mom asked me a little while ago, if I'd make her a couple of aprons when I had a bit of spare time. She is currently visiting my sister in the UK, so it was the perfect opportunity to get them to her ....... Sadly, if I send  parcels home to her, they stand a pretty good chance of being stolen en route, so we tend to make use of friends and family who travel between the 2 countries.

My model (aka Girl Child), was clearly preferring the off the shoulder look today !!!
I love the fabric I used in the first picture ...... It's fabric I've obviously had for a while, given I found it at the bottom of my fabric trunk !!!! It came from Michaels when they went through that phase, where they sold ready cut 2 yard pieces all nicely folded onto a mini bolt (I love that way of packaging fabric).
The second apron's skirt, I made by sewing jelly roll strips together (this fabric may look familiar from a post I wrote a couple of months back ..... my Ellie Beanbag ) ..... I might just add, that my trusty advisor .... off the shoulder model ..... sweet daughter, declared this NOT to be her favorite !!! I happen to quite like the fact that it's feminine. If Mom doesn't like it, she can always give it as a gift to someone.

Hopefully these aprons will spend many happy hours in the kitchen, creating delicious, tasty dishes, like only Mom can.

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  1. They are both cute! I'm sure your mom will love them!