Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Yesterday just had a baking kinda day feel about it !!!
I love to include a treat in the kids lunchboxes ...... but the thought of including those store bought baked goodies, honestly makes my toes curl !!! However, just to keep it real, I'll readily admit that sometimes I do ..... it's quicker .... more convenient.... and sometimes I'm just too lazy to bake something !!! Yesterday was not that day though :-)

I found two scrumptious looking loaf cake recipes on my journey around Blogville recently. I like loaf cakes for so many reasons ..... there's no need to fuss about a frosting .... they're easy to slice and pack ..... they really are the no fuss alternative to cakes :-)

 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake
I really don't like pumpkin pie !!! But a good pumpkin loaf cake, or pumpkin scone, is a different story. This is a moist, yummy loaf cake, that has chocolate chips in it. If I did anything different next time, I might reduce the chocolate chips to 1/4 cup, and increase the amount of ground cinnamon and cloves slightly.
THIS is the recipe I used.

Golden Syrup Loaf Cake
Hubby loves this loaf cake. It is a simple, tasty cake, that gets its sweetness from the golden syrup (this is not the same as pancake syrup. It is much thicker, and has a totally different taste), and not from sugar ..... that is a big added bonus in my opinion. It tastes good spread with a little butter .... mmmmm !!!
THIS is the recipe I used.

I'm considering the possibility of changing up my neighbor/friend Christmas gifts this year. Instead of the usual cookie platters I bake and put together, I'm toying with the idea of making loaf cake platters. Baking 3 different loaf cakes, and presenting them all nicely wrapped on a platter ...

 Hmmm decisions, decisions !!!
What do y'all think? Is that a gift you'd like to receive?

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  1. I think loaf cake would be a great gift! I have a pumpkin bread recipe I love and I'm a fan of lemon poppyseed, zucchini bread and so many others. Yum!