Monday, September 2, 2013

TIWIT .... TE .... WHOO ...

I've been playing again, with the freezer paper !!!
This time I used Tulip Fabric Spray Paints ..... I purchased a little tester pack a while back, when I had a 50% off coupon. The pack has seven 4oz spray bottles of basic colors ...... they are a lot of fun to use :-)
As Halloween is not too far away, and I have a great love of all things owl (and you can NEVER have too many tote bags), I decided to go with this design. Once again, I embellished the design with a little embroidery, and some bling. I couldn't find the crown I wanted, but it turns out that I really do like this alternative. It was a pendant, that I disassembled a bit, and turned upside down.
I lined this bag too ...... they just seem unfinished to me if I don't.  It's a five minute job to do it, so no excuses really. I went with a funky, fun Halloween print this time.
I love labels, and would really like to get into the habit of using them more often. I found this cool stamp in the dollar bins at Michaels, marked down a further 50% !!!! Who can resist .... I know !!!
I had a scrap square of muslin, that was headed to the dustbin. Instead, I ironed some applique paper onto the back of it, and stamped the image onto the fabric, using Staz On Ink ....... that ensures the ink doesn't do odd things when it touches the fabric. I then took my little alphabet stamps (also a dollar bin find), and stamped my name .... Voila, a cute label. Once I finished stamping it, I cut it out using pinking sheers, and ironed it onto the bag lining. The best bit ..... I still have some of the fabric left ..... backed and ready to go, when I need it :-)

Hope you all enjoyed a lovely, long Labor Day Weekend ..... Ughhh, I guess we'll be answering to the alarm clock again tomorrow morning !!!


  1. not FAIR! You have all the cool toys! This tote is AWESOME!

    1. Wish you could move closer Val ....... I'd be very happy to share my toys :-)

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  2. very cute! I love the labels too. I keep saying I'm going to use some, maybe I will now.