Saturday, June 1, 2013


I've done it, I made something eventually. I decided to make something just for the fun of it, because it's pretty and it's cute, and it makes a wonderful foot rest.
A little while back, while blog browsing, I came across a sweet picture on Henhouse's blog (if you've never visited her blog, you really should. It's full of prettiness - that's the only way to describe it). The picture was of a chair, but I just happened to notice a sweet bean bag at the foot of the chair. She has a love for vintage, so I suspect that the fabric strips, and the embroidered top were of a vintage nature. I decided I needed one, and pinned it to my board on Pinterest, so I wouldn't forget about it.
I chose a pretty aqua and red jelly roll, that I found at Joann's. I used most of the jelly roll, but do have a few of the green and pink strips that were in the roll left. I have another Henhouse idea in mind for those :-) After turning the strips into a tube, I cut red circles. After gathering the edge, I inserted the circle. Let me just add .... at this point, I decided that the tube needed a lining with some basic quilting, and a zipper in the side !!! A little unpicking, and I rectified the problem. I am so glad I did. It would have bugged me otherwise. It needed the firmness that the lining (I used muslin) and quilting gave it.
Next up ..... what to do about the embroidery piece ..... I wanted it because it added so much charm. A long while back, I  received a pack of those iron on, embroidery transfers you can buy at most craft stores. I'd never used one before, but decided to give it a try ......... I am hooked !!! They work so well, and are just a delight to do. Once that was done and attached to the red circle, I sewed it to the tube. Next up the fun part .... filling it with bean bag beans. I found a 100 liter packet of them at Walmart for $10-00. Oh my goodness, those things could be a source of entertainment for hours .... they have a will of their own. Girl Child and I eventually got the bag sufficiently filled ...... Ok, so I had to vacuum the floor, really well. We lost A LOT of beans !!!
I really couldn't be happier with it ..... it just makes me smile :-) It's just the right height, just the right stuffiness, and has just the right amount of pretty cuteness, and it was made by me, just for me !!!

On a side note .... I was very touched by the messages I got from some readers about my lost craft mojo - thank you :-) To be honest, I didn't know that my blog was read that much. One thing has bothered me though, and it came up a number of times - the perception that you have to have a "trouble free" life to write a blog. I have seen reference made to this before by other bloggers .... so in order to keep my little space in blogland real, I thought I'd clarify. Our family has its fair share of troubles (whose family doesn't?)
We all have to deal with issues from time to time, I'm no different from anyone else out there. This particular issue was one that took me completely by surprise. As I said, I've made peace with it (I've decided every girl needs her mom, no matter how old you are - they always know just what to say at the right time). Hubby is a great listener too.It means that the things that keep me busy and make up my weeks will look different now (especially once school goes back) ..... no more cooking for 60 people, or busy Friday mornings. However, there'll be new things to do ...... who knows, maybe that Etsy shop I've been thinking about forever, may become a reality !!!
So, if that thought has ever kept you from writing a blog ..... don't let it !!! Get out there, and do it, you wont regret it. It's a great way of keeping a "diary" of events, creations and family life ..... you'll be able to look back on it many years from now. In my case too - it's a way that my family (we all live far apart ..... like different continents, far apart), can see what I'm up too.

Hope your weekend has been wonderful so far ...... and the best part is, we're only half way through it:-)

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