Saturday, June 8, 2013


Oh yes, summertime is all about the fruit .... it's plentiful and there's lots to choose from. This is my third year of making jelly and jam. This year, I've tended toward jelly ..... I like the challenge of it, striving to get the clearest jelly possible.

 I've strained my fruit juice a number of times, as opposed to the once that seems the norm, with fantastic results. Crystal clear fruit juice has been the result. Very definately worth it. Last years recipes seemed to call for liquid pectin, this years have called for the powdered variety ..... the results seem to be very much the same.
The best way to enjoy this culinary creation ..... well, on a fresh baked English scone of course !!! Butter, jelly and a dollop of fresh, whipped cream (OK, so I cheated on the cream this time. I have 3 cans of the spray stuff left over from a school function ....... we need to finish it up).

There have also been 2 batches of mint jelly made so far this year ..... I think it's almost time to harvest some more leaves off the mint plant ....... I'm determined to make enough to see us through the winter ...... we ran out of it last year.

I hope you're enjoying the slower pace of summer .... more free time to spend together, making wonderful family memories.

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