Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Yip, I'm afraid so !!! It's not that I don't have anything to do either. We have a family birthday coming up (I know what I'm making, and have everything I need to do it), I need a few new summer tops (fabric and patterns all picked out), but I just can't settle down to do anything. Last week was a little tumultuous, and it had me rethinking some things, and putting it all into perspective ..... hopefully that was the reason, and now that I've thought it all through, and made peace with it all, I can get cracking ......... there's a lot to do:-)

So I'll show you some pictures from the little family outing we took yesterday. It was a perfect day for a trip to the zoo. We had a wonderful time, and the weather cooperated too :-) We went to the Dallas Zoo - Wow, how it has changed since our last visit there 6 years ago !!! The improvements they have made are wonderful. Hubby was a little skeptical about going to the Dallas one because it was so dinghy last time, but we're so glad we did.
 This is my most favorite animal picture of the day !!! This Burmese Python was ENORMOUS !!!Truth be told, I have a bit of a soft spot for pythons - I think they're so very majestic.
 Who wouldn't want to take this little guy and just cuddle him !!!
 Girl Child and Me - I really do love this picture :-)
 I love the one below too :-)

 Ellies, probably my all time favorite animal !!! The kids and myself are headed home for a visit in July ..... can't wait to see these guys in the wild again.
 Elegantly beautiful.
 Sweet, sweet kids ...... OK, I'm allowed to brag, they're ours after all :-)

 We watched these Weaver Birds building their nests for quite a while. They build their nests in my parents garden back home.
 A little Meercat ..... such busy little bodies :-)
Me and my babies .... they're growing up way to fast !!!

Hope you took time to enjoy your family this past long weekend, and were able to make some lovely, lasting memories too.
Until next time .... crafting mojo back, I hope ..... Take Care.


  1. I must've stolen your mojo because I can't seem to get enough of crafting! I love the photos of the zoo critters. I ADORE koalas...had a collection of koala bear stuff for years. Now I just have a few things....I think they are too cute.
    Your family is lovely!!! enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. I love the zoo photos....boy your kids have grown!
    Love the jellies and all your cards too. I still have some cards you made me even though I have used most of them. Making cards is very relaxing but boy, do I make a mess.