Sunday, June 30, 2013


In approximately 48 hours, the kids and myself will be jetting off, to spend a month with my Dad and Mom back home, in South Africa. As you can well imagine, the excitement levels in this house, are currently at fever pitch !!!
The jetting off part of this adventure, translates to around 36 hours (there and back) of time in the air ..... a fact that terrifies me, as I'm deathly afraid of flying. Luckily Girl Child knows the drill, when it comes to her Mama :-) That 36 hours also translates to some wonderful, can be doing nothing else, crafty time. I decided the other day, while I was making sure I had enough yarn and the correct size needles to take with me - before I even gave my clothing a thought - that I must truly be a craftaholic !!!!
This will be my time, to try and meet my goal of 6 scarves, for The Pink Scarf Project.
Now all of the pretty, pink knitting, needs a pretty project bags of its own to be tucked away in .........
I LOVE Ikea ... especially their kitchen linens. This bag started off life, as a dishtowel !!! Who would ever dream of drying dishes with something so pretty?
I folded it in half, and seamed the bottom and side ..... big bonus was, that the seams were already neatly finished. I made a casing using bias tape, that I opened up, and ironed flat. I threaded two lengths of ribbon through to act as the drawstring.
I decided to box the corners, just to give it a little more shape.
Instead of knotting the ends of the ribbon, I finished them off, by crocheting teeny little flowers and leaves (pattern HERE ....thanks Lucy !!!), and sewing them onto the ends.
 The perfect little finishing touch I thought.
Here it is, with its current resident ..... The Romantic Ruffled Scarf (pattern HERE). There are currently 1260 stitches (yes, you read correctly), on that circular needle ..... each row takes some knitting !!! It has been a very fun project to knit though.
I anticipate my project bag will have many adventures in the coming month .... a visit to the beach, and another to Kruger National Park ..... Oh, I can barely wait !!!!

Another quick knitting project that I finished up, was this pair of washcloths (pattern HERE). This is definately my new favorite washcloth pattern. I used I Love That Cotton yarn - I like it a lot. Until now I've always used Lilys Peaches and Cream yarn, which I've found tends to be very rough (and quite harsh on the fingers), this is certainly not the case with this yarn - I found it quite silky soft to work with.
I added these to my Mother In Laws birthday gift.
I think this waffle weave pattern would also make a great pattern for a  mans scarf  ..... I already have a recipient in mind.

On that note, I must return to packing the suitcases ....... until next time .....


  1. I dont really like to fly either but I do....I love to travel and South Africa is one of my dreams. I hope you have a wonderful time!
    I also think that is the prettiest dishtowel ever. It made the cutest bag!

  2. I just found that yarn too...and you are so right, it is much softer than the "other..." have fun on your trip!