Sunday, October 2, 2011


The process by which a perfectly sweet and cuddly little thing becomes an ugly zombie!!!!
This is what it looks like once the process is complete...

Not very pretty if I say so myself, but very zombie - ish.
This is the sweet little character Drimelda once was ...

She started life as Lurleen, the laundry monster.
This is where she can be found hanging out a lot of the time ...

She was the zombie doll I made for my partner in Yarnigras Zombie Doll Swap. I tried a few ideas before settling on this one .... my favorite by far. The original body shape pattern comes from one of my most favorite craft books ever - Rebbeca Dangers Big Book of Knitted Monsters. I did change her legs though, I think the longer legs with a proper foot suit her better (these legs were the same ones I used for Mumfsy ... you can read about him a few posts back). It meant that I could give her boots. For her hair, I sewed in strands of different yarns and fabric, ones I knew would tuft and fray, and just look completely dishevelled. Her dress, I made up as I went along. I used white cotton with a black lace overlay. It was a basic square that I cut armholes into, and then gathered at the neck. Her head piece is a length of lace tied in a bow, and finished off with a semi creepy spider .... it has a smile on its face, so it can't be considered totally creepy!!!
I hope my partner liked her .... truthfully, I found it a little difficult to send her on her way, because I really loved the way she turned out. I wonder if I could squeeze another one out of the yarn I have left .... Hmmm - I like that possibility!!!
I dare to say that Fall has eventually arrived here in the South .... the weather is gorgeous. Time to go and enjoy some outside time.
Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Your zombie turned out great!! This was a fun swap. I still have lots of zombie ideas I'd like to try if only I had more free time.

  2. she is AWESOME! I have to agree with Jill....I need another zombie doll myself! Maybe next year's YOE? bwahahahaha