Saturday, October 1, 2011


YOE II has once again been an absolute blast!!! It never fails to stretch my creative comfort zone, which I love. The theme for September was seedpods!!! I searched high and low to find just the perfect seedpod .... all the time, it was as close as my backyard.

The seedpod is off our wisteria bush. The shape lent itself to some kind of boat or garden scene, I thought. Next, was to decide what type of inhabitants should grace this space .... why, little mice of course. I lined the pod with spanish moss, and made the little guys and their tasty picnic snack, out of fimo clay. I used those whiskers you can get at your local craft store for their whiskers. I attached a clothes peg to the underneath of the pod, so that it can be clipped to the tree. Next up was this acorn, that Boy Child picked up at the fields where he plays soccer - I think it may have been last Fall - he was very impressed with the size of it. Well, it became an acorn fairy ...

I attached a wooden ball for her head, a paper flower from my scrapbook supplies as her hat. I delicately removed the wings off one of those craft butterflies ...(so sorry butterfly!!!), and they became her fairy wings. A little neckerchief around her neck, and she was done.
It's amazing what you can do with items you find lying around ... all it takes is a little imagination.
Well, it's October - I love this month for so many reasons!!!
It signals the end of the oppressive heat, we have here in Texas during the summer (let me tell you, this summer was a humdingger!!!).
It signals the beginning of what I've come to think of as The Holiday Season .... Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Halloween... Ahh, a new holiday to us when we moved her 6 years ago, but one I love. I think it's the fun nature of it that appeals to me:-) Today being October 1st, I will put out our Halloween decor .... now that the kids aren't little anymore, we'll be moving from the cutesy to a little more edgy ... not too scary mind you, their mama still does not do creepy very well!!!!


  1. Great seed pod ideas! I'm not into scary Halloween either.

  2. oh how I love these ornaments! I don't do scary either...but I do like creepy!