Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A friend of mines' sister is having a baby girl in the next few weeks - her baby shower was this Saturday past. There's something so sweet about a room decorated with all sorts of pretty pink goodies ... love it!!!
She had asked me a while back if I'd make her diaper bag for her. She wanted black and white toile, so that it would match her car seat and a few other items she has. It also meant that the new daddy could carry it and not feel uncomfortable.

The only toile I could find was at Joann's in the home decor section. The fabric was labelled dry clean only. However, I thought that as we had no choice, I'd get it and throw it in my washing machine and see how it stood up to washing ..... the answer - perfectly!!!
The bag is lined in the polka dot fabric. It has 2 elasticated pockets to hold bottles, a larger pocket to hold baby wipes, and then a few other smaller pockets for the bits and bobs you always need with a baby. This picture is atrocious, but it gives you an idea ....

The bags dimensions were 15"tall, 14" wide and 5" deep at the base. I also stiffened the base with a piece of plastic canvas between the outside fabric and the lining. I like the fact that it's a smaller diaper bag, but can still carry all you'll need. I remember when my kids were babies, the diaper bags we carried were huge and not very stylish at all.
Now on a totally different, non crafty subject, but newsworthy all the same .... and quite gross, depending on how you feel about fish. Boy Child pulled this monster out of our local pond on Saturday...

This flathead catfish - It weighed 17.7lbs and was 35 inches long!!!! He did it without any help - infact he was at the pond on his own. It took him 40 mins to get it onto land, and a very chewed up finger (he put his hand in its mouth in his excitment). He pulled it up, and then ran to call hubby (we only live 2 doors up from the pond), to come and take pictures of it. That son of ours certainly has some fishing talent!!

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  1. The bag is wonderful! I love toile!
    As for the monstrous catfish what a catch! I'm printing out the picture and the info to show one of my students who loves fishing and catfish. I know he'll be impressed. I'll turn it into a reading lesson for him. Thanks for sharing!